Friday, October 10, 2008

Virgin Mary on the Rocks

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," scanning the known universe for celestial beings worthy of worship! And today we will not need a telescope!

Hail Mary, full of Grace. Watch your back, go buy some mace.

Yesterday, Jason, over at The Wild Hunt posted numerous links to a radical Christian movement called the Third Wave/New Apostolic Reformation. Jason references a detailed article in The Huffington Post that links Sarah Palin to the Third Wavers.

As I read it, the Third Reich ... errrr ... Wave (sorry) lists as an agenda item the abolishment of Goddess worship worldwide. And no Goddess is too big or small to attract their righteous wrath.

They're out to get the Virgin Mary. Better known as the Blessed Mother. You know the prayer, for the love of fruit flies! She's the Mother of God, so far as the Roman Catholic Church is concerned.

To the rest of us, she's just Mother. Of everything. You have a boo-boo, She's got a Band-aid.

In the clear light of a sunny autumn afternoon, it's easy to dismiss the Third Wave and its newest prominent disciple, Mrs. Palin, as not having enough clout to stomp The Goddess. Heck, Our Lady made it through the first Protestant Reformation, and that was before She started doling out vaccinations and dinosaur fossils and all those scientific goodies that have generally advanced human knowledge a little bit.

We at "The Gods Are Bored" are not truly fearful for the Blessed Mother. But we think the Roman Catholic Church in America should be aware of the Third Wave, its aims, and ... its membership.

Cindy Jacobs is part of this anti-Goddess crowd. Her most recent book is called The New Reformation. And not for nothing is her website called "The Generals."

Mrs. Palin is of more immediate concern. She could be president. And if she becomes president, will she not conference with people like Cindy Jacobs, trying to find ways to advance the Third Reich ... oooops! There you go again, Anne! Third Wave agenda through legitimate government channels?

Imagine trying to be a worse vice president than Dick Cheney. What a daunting proposition! But doggone it, nothing is impossible, you betcha.

Okay. We've decided to tie a bell on the cat. Who's willing to alert the pope? Someone oughta tell him that a new Reformation is underway, and its umbrella reaches into his jurisdiction.

I know I'm peaching to the choir here at "The Gods Are Bored." These Third Wave "generals" will have to come at my house with a battering ram, and even then they won't oust The Goddess from my foyer.

May it be the same with you and yours.
I'm Anne Johnson, and I approved this message.


THE Michael said...

Sarah Palin and her nutcase "spiritual warriors" will KNOW the meaning of "warfare" if any one of them mess with me or mine. Like I've said before, self-defense is NOT prohibited in MY belief system. Bring it on, Sarah, bring it on!

BBC said...
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Anonymous said...

It continues to boggle my mind how the super-catholics -the ones that go to church and stay all night adoring the Host (wafer) - make common cause with these folks. They don't seem to realize that the religious wrong doesn't even consider them Christians.

mrsb said...

A fundie's a fundie, no matter how much lipstick you slap on it.

They'll pry the Goddess out of my cold, dead hands.

yellowdog granny said...

holyshit!....I am going to have a face to face sit down with the Goddess and have her smite that bitch..

Sia said...

Well said.


democommie said...

anne johnson:

Well, I'm pretty much an atheist these days, but I think Mary, whether an actual person or a mythical one would have bitch slapped Sarah Palin in a Nazarene second.


Anonymous said...

Eeeeeeeevil. And creeeeeepy. And that woman's voice sounds like a seagull in labor :P

They will not--cannot--kill the Divine Feminine. We need Her as much as we need our biological mothers. Movements have tried to wipe Her out over the centuries but She always finds Her way back and stays alive our hearts somehow. (Grr. Argh. Hear the angry Pagan chick roar, motherfuckers :D)