Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dinosaur Magic Update

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," magic for the masses! Dream it, do it, laugh about it later!

My legions and legions of readers will remember that the town I live in is famous for the discovery of an extensive dinosaur skeleton back in the 1800s some time or the other. So the town has a little tiny park dedicated to that discovery. It's called the "Dinosaur Site."

Generations of tourists sought out the "Dinosaur Site" only to discover a bench and a plaque. That was it. A bench and a plaque. Oh, and a comment box where most of the comments were, "This is boring."

So my daughters and I decided to liven up the "Dino Site." We started buying cheap plastic dinosaurs at flea markets and thrift stores. And we left them on the bench for kids to play with. Anonyously.

(This is classic. After the toy dinos had been there awhile, one of the comments read, "I like the toys, but there's nowhere to sit." MORON.)

For the first time in a long time, I was able to drive a car this week. Which was good, because I was flat out of TaB cola. First things first, I made a TaB run to the market. Then, when I opened the trunk of the car, I discovered some plastic dinos that my daughters bought just before my surgery. So I took them to the dino site.

A funny thing has happened at that dino site. Other people leave stuff there now. (And some nasty people take the plastic dinos, they constantly have to be replenished.)

This time the dino site had a stack of drawings, held down by a heavy rock. Of course I started looking through them. I figured they were left behind by some preschoolers.

But these drawings were not by preschoolers. Yes, they were silly and cartoonish, the kind of dinos a five-year-old would draw. But these dinos had decidedly teenaged issues. One, "Deathosaurus," stood beside a tombstone. The caption read, "Decided to take biology, chemistry, and physics all at the same time -- now I'm dead."

Then there was "Umbilical Cordosaurus." Caption: "I sever heads, not umbilical cords." The dinosaur pictured was bound with some kind of blue cord that looked like sausage.

My favorite was "Depressosaurus." Poor dino, crying ... broke up with boyfriend.

The giveaway was "Superiorsaurus," who announced his school's superiority over a rival -- both local parochial high schools.

By this time I was ROFL ... and there were more than 20 of these drawings!

They say if you laugh, the world will laugh with you. Sometimes all it takes is leaving a few plastic toys on a park bench.


yellowdog granny said...

see what you started?
and it's a good thing.
that's hysterical..
maybe you should put some chairs out there next time..

THE Michael said...

I think we ought to leave a Komodo dragon tied up to the bench. I bet THAT puts an end to snide comments!


Hillbilly Fairy said...

Ok Anne, what do you think of this:
Arlington Institute, one of the predictors of this series of events, is right here in Berkeley Springs! Blog about this. I'm worried!

Maebius said...

this is awesome!
A perfect example of how one little act can start a revolution. Thanks for un-boring this god on a rainy monday morning. :)

sageweb said...

How fun. Look what you have started.