Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Redistributing the Common Sense

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," freezing our butts off eight miles from Philadelphia! Brrrrrrrrr! It's windy. It's pouring. The foster kittens are huddled under a blanket, and so am I. Common sense, don't you think?

Some of you might have heard that a certain candidate for president is accusing the other candidate of wanting to "redistribute the wealth." I say it's high time for that, because trickle down doesn't.

While we are redistributing things, can we also spread around some common sense?

Those of you who are in the prime of life, like moi, can remember a time when the Baseball World Series was held in the earliest part of October. If you're edging toward geezerhood, you can even recall a time when all of the Series games were played during the day. In the sunshine of balmy early October afternoons.

I don't know when Major League Baseball instituted the League Playoff Series, but in my gung-ho baseball years I can remember these as simple best-of-five playoffs. Now (correct me if I'm wrong) we have two rounds of best-of-seven playoffs before the World Series. Maybe it's one, but I know it's best-of-seven.

And we have a World Series being played in Philadelphia during the final week of October.

What has brought this fiasco into being? Nothing but greed.

Greedy owners, greedy parking lot attendants, greedy television networks, greed ... greed ... greed!

Where does that leave the fans? Shivering under tarps in a Perfect Storm Nor'Easter, wind-driven rain, not fit weather for oystering on the Chesapeake, and those oystermen are tough dudes.

What we need is a correction in the distribution of common sense. Take the heaping helpings of common sense from fans who'd like to attend the World Series but can't justify spending the big bucks for tickets, and distribute it to the greedy owners trying to play a summer game in -- I kid you not -- a wintry mix.

The final product of this redistribution of common sense would be:

1. Sensible ticket prices and reasonable schedules, tailored to the elements.

2. Owners who still are rich, though perhaps not quite as rich as God.

And that's how you redistribute common sense! Does this make me a socialist? I don't care if it does!

I'm Anne Johnson, Philadelphia Phillies fan, and I approved this message.


Nettle said...

I am only dimly aware of professional sports that don't involve horses or dogs, and even I looked out the window last night and thought, "oh, those poor baseball fans!" Doesn't look like it's getting any better, either.

Pom said...

Here's my naive perspective - I'd thought the reason for the longer and longer seasons in many of the pro sports was the addition of more and more teams because of more populated areas willing and able to support them. I've been blaming the longer seasons on - expansion teams!

I don't watch baseball though I'm hoping for a Phillies win if only to shut up the "take the devil outta the rays" fanatics before they get going about that being the reason the rays might have won.

yellowdog granny said...

you are so correct..I can remember when they only played in the day light..and when they switched it was painful.
but i'll tell you a baseball story..when i was a kid i was a brooklyn dodger fan...biggg fan..loved them bums..and there was a team the atlanta braves..so when i was really little and would hear them sing the national anthem i thought they were saying "and the home...of the braves."..and that pissed me off.so I would sing "and the home of the dodgers."
11-12 I'll be 65 and I still sing and the home of the dodgers...
i also found myself thinking the second game of the series.."what the fuck am I doing rooting for a team from Philadelphia?????

BBC said...

The weather here is still pretty darn nice. And I'm thankful for that being as I'm hiking to the hot spring again tomorrow.

Not that it would make much of a difference, I've hiked there in all types of weather.

BBC said...

Yellow dog will be 65, and will still be an idiot for watching a christian based sport. Go figure.

sott'Eos said...

The Romans had some Christian-based sports. How is baseball "Christian-based"? Are the bases arranged in a cross? I always thought that the 'diamond' was pretty square. Come to think of it, though, adding a fifth base and playing on a pentacle would be pretty cool. :)

Anne Johnson said...

From this day forward, comments on this blog will be moderated. Billy, you can dump on me, you can dump on my philosophy, you can dump on my favorite color. But you cannot say anything nasty about any of my other commenters. Last chance, bub. And only because the little trash can didn't show when I tried to delete your nastiness.

yellowdog granny said...

oh he's such a dick..but he doesn't even bother me anymore..he's a sad old man with no friends on the net and i think the ones he talks about are made up.you don't have to print this if you don't want to..it's ok..

Frater Servitor said...

Hey, Granny, I thought the Braves were in Boston or Milwaukee when the Dodgers were in Brooklyn. NEVER Atlanta. That was recent. Hell, I easily remember when the Braves were in Milwaukee. Braves moved to Milwaukee from Boston in 1953, Dodgers went away to the West in '57.

Tomb said...

HERE, HERE! For Chesapeake Oystermen!