Friday, October 31, 2008

Samhain 2008

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored" on Samhain 2008! The air is crisp, the veil is thin, the year has ended, the crops are in.

Is there any more sane time of year to consider the 365-day cycle complete? When the last frosted pumpkin has been hauled from the field, when the apples have all been collected, when even the grass shrinks back in the cold, a circuit has come to an end.

We have arrived at the holy evening of the bored gods. It has endured through the millennia and is still one of the most highly-anticipated days on the calendar. Some will dress to frighten. Some to fulfill fantasies of themselves. Some with the mirth that either fills all their days or only peeks through once a year. At any rate, we honor the Old Ones by donning special clothing on Their holiday.

The veil thins. Some of us might feel our loved ones, our lost friends, at our sides. Others (myself among them) might receive messages in the apparent world that could only have been sent from another world, another dimension, a different plane.

Why do we believe in deities, in faeries, in spirits and shades and the Summerlands? Because to think that our Homo sapiens senses are adequate to experience and understand the whole of the universe is setting a low baseline for the universe. Are we the best that can be done? Have our brains developed as far as they can go, or do new perceptions await, some of them humming in the corners of our consciousness even now?

I have felt the nourishing love of the Blessed Mother. I have cavorted with The Trickster. I have made people smile who have never seen my face in the flesh. I want to be a disciple and a shaman. I believe there are greater Ones out there. I can feel Them. Can you?

If you call at my house this evening, I will be attired as Mother Nature. My talented mother-in-law created a costume very much like this for me, and I have achieved an age where I can wear it with grace.

Stop by for a treat. Have a glass of warm cider. Sit by my fire, which I think I'll build inside this year!

May all evil be banished from my doorstep. May all disturbing thoughts be set aside. Happy New Year, my friends, my readers, my fellow walkers of The Path.

Blessed be the deities who have marked our human way through the long march of time.



Paul said...

A blessed Samhain to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Will we be graced with a picture of you as Mother Earth Mrs. Johnson? (pweeeaz?)

Blessed Samhain!

TauRaven said...

Greetings from the vulture capital of the midwest. I wish you and yours a most joyous Samhain and a very Blessed New Year.
Love and Light, TR

onelittlepagan said...

And a very blessed Samhain to you!

(I second the request for a photo of your costume, btw!)

Lavanah said...

Many blessings, Anne. And, I would happpily trade a view of you in your costume for a photo of a row of vultures sitting along the roof line of my house.

Evn said...


THE Michael said...

I ain't messing with Mother Nature, nah-ah!

Anne Johnson said...

tauraven: WHERE IS THE VULTURE CAPITAL OF THE MIDWEST????? And, do you have a spare bedroom?

yellowdog granny said...

Goddess bless you my child.

I'm going to build an altar for day of the dead..leave little gifts for all the ones that have passed over..

Mama Kelly said...

May you all have had a Happy Halloween, may you all have had a Blessed Samhain.

Anonymous said...

anne johnson:

What all of the other nice people said+!


WyrrdWitch said...

A belated Blessed Samhain and Happy New Year to you! I'd love to see a pic of you in that costume. That's one of my favorite cards from Froud's deck.

Angela-Eloise said...

Happy New Year Anne!

Hillbilly Fairy said...

i've seen her in that costume and i just might be mischevious (how the HELL do you spell that word anyway) enough to post it if'n I can find it!!! hee hee!