Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Palin in Comparison

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where our magic is white, our faeries are bright, and if you don't like us, we'll punch out your lights!

Sorry about that last part. Just channeling my inner Philadelphian. I've been living near the City of Brotherly Love for more than 20 years, and the general tenor of daily living here has worn off on me.

There are things Philadelphians boo with reason:

1. The Dallas Cowboys (always #1).

2. Last call at the bar.

3. The Schuykill Expressway (richly deserves the razz).

4. Republican politicians.

Which was why Sarah Palin had no business dragging her little daughter to a Philadelphia Flyers game and stuffing the poor tot into a Flyers jersey. If Sarah thought the sight of her little daughter in Flyers orange would deflate the innate Philly hatred of Republican politicians, then she really is a moron of the first stripe.

Hey. You sow hatred like she does, you oughta reap some in return.

A Letter to the Editor from the Philadelphia Inquirer, October 14, 2007:

"Of course Philadelphia fans booed vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. We booed Santa Claus, and he is more qualified to be president than Palin. Don't forget, the North Pole shares a border with Russia."



sageweb said...

Sarah was so wrong for bringing her daughter out there..actually she was wrong for showing up anyways. This campaign has the worse advisors.

I laughed real hard at the booing..is that wrong?

Anne Johnson said...


greer said...

As someone mentioned elsewhere, it's suprising she didn't drag poor baby Trig out there. I kinda wish Piper had given the fans the finger, bet they would have cheered then. Gotta love Philly! I miss living there. DC's not as "colorful".

yellowdog granny said...

i knew you philly fans wouldn't let me down and would boo her..i said the same thing.'hey, the booed santa claus'...they'll boo the kid's mom too..ha.
and i love the quote from the philadelphia flyer....there may be hope for you guys yet.

Hecate said...

You know, fuck any woman who would use her daughter like that.

Lavanah said...

Re: Hecate's comment. That's the problem-someone did. And, her mother too. (damn, the coarsening of this campaign is getting to all of us)

THE Michael said...

Dear Sarah,

Please go home and watch Russia. If it moves, please notify Homeland Security Immediately!

democommie said...

Well, damn, if Wikipedia is to be believed:


Santa IS a frikkin' russkie!

wordwitch said...

(psst...hey Anne...you may want to change that date on the quote to 2008....just thought you'd wanna know....shhhhh)

Pom said...

The funny thing is that Rove is advising on the McCain/Palin campaign.

Think they're TRYING to throw it thanks to the mess that W is leaving behind? Have to be insane to want to take over right now...