Sunday, June 03, 2007

Quick Question

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," etc.

Big family gathering today.

A quick question.

What do you do about a beloved mother-in-law who spends all her time at yard sales and then brings you ugly furniture and paintings?

Desperately seeking advice.


Anonymous said...

Have your own garage sale. :-)

Hecate said...

Say thank you and then get rid of the shit later and quietyl

Jules said...

Break or tear the paintings and furniture up and re-do them and say they are artwork and then GIVE them to your mother-in-law to put in the front yard... she'd get the clue.


Autumn said...

Give them to goodwill, and tell her the fairies stole them

Kay said...

Are the frames worth keeping? Is the furniture worth refinishing?

kay, the mildly serious voice in the bunch

Christina said...

You have three options: Goodwill, refinish or recover or repaint, or hide it in the garage until she visits and then haul it out. (The last one earns you serious brownie points)

Anne Johnson said...

The last one is what I've been doing!

Wow! Great advice one and all. Kay, I wish I had some talent for what you suggest.

Never thought about the frames, that's a new one.

See, I knew I could count on y'all!

jarjar_head said...

I'd advise getting them appraised. Some of them might actually be worth a fair amount.

Alternatively, you could start a museum for the funiture and paintings named after your mother-in-law. That way, everyone that visits will find out what an 'ugly' sense of taste she has. Although, philosophically speaking, aesthetics are subjective.

BBC said...

I would simply tell her that I have no room for more stuff. That all I have is all I need.

People give me stuff all the time, I thank them and tell them right then that I will find someone that needs it.

Yahoo Freecycle is great for passing on things to folks that need stuff.