Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Odd Thing

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," all you bright and beautiful people! Are you having a nice day? Me neither.

Something odd is happening to me. Namely, I'm starting to like living in New Jersey.

Go ahead, call the guys in the white coats, because I don't believe it either.

I've lived in New Jersey for 23 years. That makes this state my place of residence for the bulk of my life. Yougoddaproblem widdat?

See? I don't even talk Appalachian anymore. I pick it up again when I visit home, but I used to carry my accent with me allatime.

"Home." Ahhh, that word! New Jersey, home? Ick!

Except when I go home, it's no longer there. The farmlands are covered with McMansions, the highways are tangled bumper-to-bumper nightmares, all of my kin except my sister and a handful of cousins are gone. My uncle resides at the family farm so stubbornly that I can't even go there unless I want to hear him praise Rush Limbaugh to the skies.

So I don't go to the family farm.

Even the beautiful courthouse in Berkeley Springs burned down.

Now, you take your Jersey. What does it matter if they plow under another field for a shopping center? Can't get any uglier. Already crowded. It's not like I'm going to wander out some day and see my high school friend's big ol' dairy farm covered with ticky tack.

In Jersey you expect leaf blowers at 7 a.m. on weekends, gridlocked traffic, a flat-assed landmass, and sand in the soil. The water runs uphill. (You figure that one out.)

I've finally gotten used to it. Just don't bury me here, yous goddat?



Aquila ka Hecate said...

Sounds a lot like Joburg.

I spent a couple of years in New Brunswick while my Dad got his PhD from Rutgers-my memories are thus all of the campus, which was beautiful, and the campus married housing, which was great for us kids.

Terri in Joburg

Lavanah said...

going on 22 years of living in New Jersey, and I am only beginning to not refer to myself as a NewYorker. But, come up north and visit (sussex county. We may have those #@*^% mcmansions, but our water runs down hill (and we have hills!) and we have plenty of trees, still.

Nora said...

It really does depend on where in New Jersey you live -- I grew up in Bergen County, and even though it, too, is plagued by McMansions, I still find parts of it beautiful. Even though I am now a New Yorker and have lived here longer than I lived in New Jersey, I still stand up for the old homestead.