Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another mile post -- maybe a few more

Emmmm! Watch out! Yikes! Stay in your lane, for the love of fruit flies!

Now, turn here. Turn here. Turn here. Turn here. You're not turning. You're not turning. You didn't turn. You didn't turn!

I don't know where we are. Look out!

No. No. No. Don't take that exit. You don't want a bridge. No bridges. Stay on this road. Left! Left! That's right! No, I don't mean right, I mean left!

My daughter The Heir just got her driver's license and is trying to learn how to drive in the New Jersey suburbs. It's kind of like learning how to swim by diving into Niagra Falls.

Where's my Soma?



Anonymous said...

Anne- I always started the kids driving in the cemetery. Not much traffic, left and right turns and just getting a feel for the car.

Aquila ka Hecate said...

....or a parking lot on a day when the shops are closed.Sunday?

Terri in Joburg
Where the Shops Never Close

Tennessee Jed said...

I have been letting my daughter drive in our closed Target store parking lot. She loves it, I think she will be a good driver because she likes it so much. Letting her learn a straight shift too.

Kay said...

I only drove once in the 6 months that I lived in NYC - test driving a car on the belt parkway.

Once was enough. Thank gods for cabs and subways. :)

mamakelly said...

Thank the gods I have a few years before my eldest will be driving and then it is her FATHERS job to teach her.


Mama kelly