Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Polyphonic Spree: A Druid Tabernacle Choir

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," riding out a bumpy Mercury retrograde! All good faeries on deck! Full speed ahead!

Last night my daughter The Heir and I went to a rock concert. Except when you think of rock concerts you don't exactly think of Druid happenings. Which is what it really turned out to be.

The Heir is notable for her extremely eclectic taste in modern music. Her tastes are so extraordinary that she can't drag her friends to see the bands she wants to see. And that's great, because she drags moi, and that makes me feel like I'm vibrant and young!

Last night's band was The Polyphonic Spree. Their latest CD is called The Fragile Army.

Heir and I each paid $23 plus tax to see The Polyphonic Spree. In all my life I've never had so much fun for such a modest fee. Not even on the night the 1979 Baltimore Orioles clinched the AL Pennant.

During their first frantic and well-received set, the band wore identical navy blue Red Cross uniforms. They performed in this attire for over an hour. Then, coaxing a litany from their well-behavied Philly audience, namely:

All in good time
Raise our voices

They left the stage one by one while we continued to chant. And cheer.

Puck was along for the concert, and when he heard this chant, he charged off to alert the bored gods. And all in good time too, because this extraordinary band came strolling through the audience dressed like this...

And led us in a round of "Awens!"

After that I couldn't keep Puck around my neck like a good little faerie. He wanted to fly above the crowd, so I let him.

The bored gods quit their game of hopscotch and came flooding into the concert hall, where they just became part of the happy mayhem.

I'm in a small Druid grove, and we always chant our Awens. All 12 of us, if we get that many. I've wondered for awhile what the chant would sound like coming from 100 or 1000 voices. It draws down cascades of positive energy!

So, with much excitement, we at "The Gods Are Bored" choose The Polyphonic Spree as our official band (actually, orchestra with choir). This choice is endorsed by the Celtic pantheon, because even though they have their traditional music, they like to feel up-to-date.

Awen. Awen. Awen.


Tennessee Jed said...

New Druid music...kewl!

mama kelly said...

I heard The Polyphonic Spree a while ago (was it on an episode of Las Vegas??) and loved them.

Thank you for reminding me about them. Im looking forward to listening to their samples and watching their videos.

Mama Kelly