Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Puck on the Last Day of School

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," gainfully underemployed since 2004! Did you ever have a great job you loved, only to turn on your computer one morning and find an e-pink slip? Yeah, me too.

But what luck! Here's Puck to roil the muck!

Puck: Anne, you fool. It's the last day of school! Break every rule! Bend every tool!

Anne: Puck, I'm stuck. No job, out of luck. School's the fort of last resort.

Puck: Oh, that's dreary. Makes me weary. Now now, Annie, don't get teary.

Anne: Sorry, Puck. I've lost my pluck. And still I've got to make a buck.

Puck: O may the fae come save the day! We just must find another way!

Anne: Lead on, o sprites, be guiding lights, send wishes on these shortest nights.

Puck: O, would you look? Anne wrote a book! And what a long, long time it took.

Anne: Puck, it's fiction with no friction. Publishers rejected it, agents have ejected it.

Puck: So you gave in? Now that's a sin. Please try again, you will well win.

Anne: Alert the fae, I'm in the fray. I'll put the novel back in play.

Puck: Either way you will go gray. So live a bit. What do you say?

Anne: I say it's Miller time.

Beannachd leat,


MountainLaurel said...

Your poetic muse is working overtime today. And I've enjoyed it!

Hecate said...

Best of luck with the book! So mote it be!

wordwitch said...

Hello Anne,

If you'd like some help - either as an editor, proofer, or idea wall (something to bounce ideas off of) let me know. I've been an editor/writer for 10+ years. I love fantasy/sci fi/mystery. And I'm just over here in DC. Would love to help if you'd like it. Blessed Be, Wordwitch