Thursday, February 01, 2007

Imbolc 2007

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," your cosmic cornucopia! A blessed Imbolc to one and all!

Imbolc is the Celtic holy day dedicated to the Goddess Queen Brighid the Bright, keeper of home and hearth, guardianess of the forge, and Muse of creativity. She also plays a mean game of Monopoly, and she will make you pay if you land on Park Place. Don't try to dodge.

In honor of Imbolc this year, many pagan bloggers are posting poetry on their sites. Alas and alack, I've had no time to peruse the 986 verses I've penned about turkey vultures to find an appropriate entry. Sadder still, the poet whose poem I wanted to use (as it is one of the most wonderful "Mom" poems I've ever heard) never got back to me about it. I ain't postin no poetry without permission.

So the faeries and I pooled our talents. And since one of the locals was the great Nick Virgilio, famous for his haikus, we decided to praise the Goddess with an awesome haiku.

Here goes:

Darkness of winter
Made warm by the bright Goddess.
Now it's Miller Time.

When we have haiku readings in Camden, we always say the poem twice:

Darkness of winter
Made warm by the bright Goddess.
Now it's Miller Time.

Thanks be to the faeries, and have a wonderful Imbolc!

"Kyrie," by Seitou. Godlove's Liquors, Hagerstown, Maryland, photo by author.


BBC said...


Hugs, you crazy woman.

Autumn said...

Happy Imboc to you too

buddydon said...

hey thar. i writ a pome fer the day ceptn mayhap i gut the rong day. i wuz thankin it fit purty good to ground hogs day, so thats when i figgerd i wood putt it up.

ifn ye wonta lank toot or even putt it on yer site, twood be a honor. taint as good as i hoped or as bad as i feared. i hope ye lack it.

(i wooda emailed it to ye, but i caint figger out how to do that.)