Monday, February 12, 2007

Do U Remember Middle School?

Welcome to 7th grade, courtesy of "The Gods Are Bored!"

Here's just one small part of tonight's assignment in just one course area, geography:

1. Find the absolute and relative locations of Panama and its capital city.

2.List all the countries and bodies of water that border Panama.

3. Write a sentence describing the relative location of the country.

4.List at least two human characteristics of the country.

5. What climate(s) are found in the country? Describe with details.

6. What is the most recent population of Panama? List the various ethnic groups found there.

7. List at least three physical highlights and/or landforms.

8. List the capital and two major cities and their most recent populations. What sites are especially noteworthy in each city?

9.List the natural resources, agricultural products, and chief industries of Panama.

10. What type of government is found in Panama? Explain.

11.What is the name of the currency used? How does it compare to the U.S. dollar?

12. What physical or recreational activities can a visitor do in Panama?

13.What major manmade changes can be seen?

14. How has man used the natural resources?

15. How has the country used technology to make better use of the land or natural resources?

Stop Here! There are TWO MORE FULL PAGES, plus documentation of 4 sources in MLA format!

Well, it could be worse. My daughter The Spare might have gotten Russia.


Rosie said...

That's an awful lot to put together for 7th grade!

It looks like a human appendix. It has a canal.

Interrobang said...

A friend of mine was born in a military hospital on a US base in Panama. He is thereby a dual US-Panamanian citizen. (He's more like a Panamaniac.)

What are "human characteristics" in the context of a country? Population demographics? Man-made landmarks? Cultural stereotypes?

BBC said...

"My daughter The Spare might"


I think the educational system is so screwed up anymore. Just teach the kids at school and stop with so much homework already.

Anyway, down in that area is a country that has no army.

Imagine that.