Sunday, February 25, 2007

And the Winner Is ...

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," stain-free furniture since 2005!

Is there anything more boring than the Academy Awards? I polled the most bored gods and goddesses I could find today, and none of them are going to watch it. And that's even with a pagan-themed movie up for best foreign film (Pan's Labyrinth).

I believe it was The Dagda who told me he'll be sorting his socks while the Oscars are playing. He says if I think my faerie infestation is bad, wait until I get to Sidhe. His socks disappear at an alarming rate.

See what I mean? He can't even put two together. Has to wear sandals.


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At February 25, 2007 , Blogger BBC said...

"Is there anything more boring than the Academy Awards? "

You polled who? Because you sure didn't poll me, God.

Hell no I don't watch it. I won't even bother to read much about it.

It's just a bunch of monkeys fucking around.

At February 26, 2007 , Blogger buddy don said...

i shore dint watch it. i aint kep up with nun of them movies ner them movie stars neethur. but i am kindly glad al gore won on a counta the message mite git spread a lil futher thataway.


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