Tuesday, February 06, 2007

You're Kidding Me!

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The karma's been rippin' poor for me since I didn't take Imbolc seriously and wrote that silly haiku with the faeries whispering in my ear. Thankfully, something has happened that raises me once again in Brighid's favor.

Queen Brighid the Bright has a brand new little nanny kid named after her. You can read all about Bridey the Goat here.

Rosanne, the author of "Smokey Mountain Breakdown" (now in a sidebar near you) has earned top "Gods Are Bored" honors for her aptitude with goats, especially under trying circumstances. If you want to know about goats, don't ask me. I don't talk shop on this site. Rosanne is your best bet.

Those of you not interested in goats will be drenched in desire when you see Rosanne's special brand of porn.

(I just lost my entire male audience.)

For you girls left behind, you'll be pleased to know that I suggested Rosanne name her newest kid Bridey, and she took me up on it. I'll be judging that goat someday, and I'll bet she takes the blue.

I've never had any lasting trolls at this site. I've read other blogs full of horror stories -- threats of bodily harm, name-calling, cursewords. But here at "The Gods Are Bored" I've made friends I'll probably never see face-to-face ... but you're alive and you know who the hell you are.




BBC said...

Hang in there hon.

buddy don said...

i thought yer haiku wuz jes fine fer imbolc, not that i know much bout imbolc ... but i lack a haiku that kin make me chuckull. corse, the pitcher of godlove's liquors hepped a bit.