Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cookbook Update

Okay, I'm a goat judge, not a public relations specialist.

I talked up a cookbook and didn't tell you how to snag your own copy.

Here's the destructions:

1. Mail $12 in any format along with your name and address to:
Citizens for Smart Growth in Allegany County
P.O. Box 401
Cumberland, MD 21502

I promise they will not start sending sweet-faced college kids to your door at suppertime. You'll just get a lil' ol' Granny cookbook flung into your mailbox. Yum yum. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you may goose-step ...

Emmm ... that's in the depressing post underneath this one.


buddydon said...

ifn i dont lose my round tuit, i will order me one of them this verr evnin.

BBC said...

Since going crazy I haven't had the need of anymore cook books. I just toss shit together and call it food.

It all makes turds.