Monday, February 05, 2007

What Luck! It's Puck!

Welcome to "The Gods Are Boarded Up!"
When does a faerie carry a cherry to Ben & Jerry in Tipperary? When Hairy Larry doesn't need it on the prairie for nary a Mary nor a Gary! Don't be wary ... come and tarry! I'm extraordinary!

My name's Puck. It rhymes with ... emmmmm ... ahem ... oh yeah, Duck!

I've been away many a day from the lair of A.J. But hey, that's okay, she's bad pay anyway.

A.J.'s so sad and blue. And there's one thing she can't do. And that's write a poem or two. She tried a haiku. It died, boo hoo! The bored gods want to sue. Or to cook A.J. as stew.

She's feeling it now. And how. Transgression, confession, depression. Dejection, rejection, alienation of affection.

But she's in luck, cuz here comes Puck! She'll be unstuck from all her muck.

Just remember: It's always better to be mucked up than to be f ..... emmmm .... screwed.



Tennessee Jed said...

I got a good batch of 'essions and 'ejections too! I could use a little good luck, a truck, some bucks and or roast duck.

Rosie said...

I'll try to get a good photo of Bridey to send you. She has puckish little airplane ears.

buddydon said...

ye mite not thank ye rite good poe-tree, but fack is we woodnt all half to agree.