Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Who Cares If Big Brother's Watching?

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" And welcome to you, Big Brother! Are you watching? Are you bored? Of course you are! And it only gets more boring! I'm going to swim laps in the pool!

It's Pagan Values Month, and so far we at "The Gods Are Bored" haven't addressed a single topic that we were supposed to cover. Ah, so typical. We march to our own drummer, and we're never sure we're in step even to that drummer.

Today's topic: Facebook.

It's safe to say that ancient Druids did not have to have a theological position on a computer social networking site. Nor, for that matter, does the Bible say, "Thou shalt not open a profile on Facebook." Smooth sailing for all!

I've had a Facebook for about two years, but just recently the thing has exploded. I probably don't have as many friends as most people, but it's really cool to look down a list and see:

1. Family, both my own and my husband's.
2. Friends I've met through this blog.
3. Various Pagans from various groups, including my Druid Grove (almost every member)
4. Former co-workers I haven't seen in 10 years.
5. High school chums, most of whom weren't very chummy in high school but are now nostalgic.
6. Hillbillies
7. Fictitious characters like Alvin Talking Sweater, Buddy Don Duncan, JC Christian, Patriot, and God Almighty, whose current blog post is as sick as it gets.

Oh wait! God's not fictitious. Oh well. Sorry, God. Had to find a category for you.

8. Friends of my daughters. This is a biggie. Helps me to keep in touch with what's going on around me.

Which brings me to the subject of this post.

Given the tangled nature of Facebook, it's a gold mine of connections between people. Logically, this data will be mined by someone. Or many people. And to those snoops I say, "Go ahead. Snoop away. I like hearing from my old chums, spread out across the nation. If their lives are as humdrum as mine, SNOOP AWAY!"

Is there a Pagan Value to this? Yes! Make technology your friend, so long as no one gets hurt and the furniture doesn't get stained.

Cheerio, my pets!


yellowdog granny said...

i went to so many different schools and for such a short time that i dont imagine anyone would be out there looking for me...or who to look for...school chums that is..i need to get my friend maryann on facebook though..she'd like it..i have 2 friends one xkin and one just a friend that i have known for over 40 years...several for almost 40 years and bunches that have been friends for 30+ years...that's nice..

Sarita said...

Facebook is GREAT. I had a best friend whose mother pushed us apart when we were younger, and I managed to find her there recently. It was amazing. :D

Funny you mention facebook, actually. I tried adding you as a friend a couple evenings back, but couldn't find you on it. And when I did the "profile search" thingy to narrow it down, it only showed people in my own networks, which of course wasn't at all helpful.

Servitor Lucem said...

I have two Facebook profiles, because, basically, I have two lives (at least). One is the profile that YOU know about, Anne, and one is one I use for my "secret identity" (odd that such a term is used in the comics for the personality most people know, like Clark Kent being the "secret identity" of Superman).
Anyway, I find it amusing that on my "secret identity" profile, the one people think is the "real me," I get friend requests from high school classmates who didn't particularly like me in those days.
Whatever makes them think they'll like me now? My own feeling is that, if I didn't like someone back in high school, and haven't seen them since, I have no compelling reason to get in touch with them now. That's just me, though. Some people seem to think that their high school days were the best times of their lives. What sad lives they must lead! Imagine, the best time they ever had was nearly 40 years ago! I almost feel for them. Then again, those are mostly the people that I didn't get along with back then, and etc., etc...

Aquila ka Hecate said...

You couldn't drag me kicking and screaming anywhere near Facebook.

I do have a feeling that no good's going to come of it.

OK, enough doomsaying.

Terri in Joburg

Pom said...

I agree 100% with the awareness gained through FaceBook. I have my daughter's friends on my list and while I may not love everything they're talking about, at least I have the resource.

I also found an old friend. We played together in elementary school but I moved away in 6th grade and hadn't seen him since. I'm happy to report that he still enjoys all of the same games he played back then - he's a toys r us kid or Peter Pan - I've not yet decided which. It's fun to read what he has to say and even more interestingly, we live quite near to each other - about 1400 miles from where we grew up! Haven't had a reunion, but it's nice to know he's around anyway - and remembers me.

Anne Johnson said...

I haven't had much luck searching for friends with their emails, but mine is luvbuzzards@yahoo.com, if anyone wants to try to friend me. Please mention that you read "The Gods Are Bored!"

Frater, I accept all "friends" from hs because I want them to know I'm a crazy Pagan. Some of them are very religious in a Godly sort of way.

Paula said...

Ack, I keep putting in your name and email address, but it doesn't work! *head desk* I swear there are some really annoying parts of Facebook.

Off to try again and again.

Anne Johnson said...

Anne Johnson

interests: vultures, buzzards

Try now.

Lori MN said...

Be careful what you put on Facepage! Or anywhere on the internet. A home was recently robbed using the information on the internet. What they owned and when they were on vacation was posted.

Paula said...

I randomly messaged a couple of the Anne Johnson's, Philidephia. I guess I'll find out if I got you.

Brings back memories of having to find a S. Sanchez and working my way down a telephone book.


west, texas has a webcam now..you should check it out..one of my friends in ana cortes said it's frozen..none of the cars are moving..i said yes, it's frozen in 1959, plus no one does anything so nothing moves..haha