Monday, June 22, 2009

Columbus Point

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Today I stand at a Columbus Point moment.

There's an exercise in the tutoring book I've been using at the Vo-Tech that explains what the "Columbus Point" is. Columbus had sailing charts, but he finally sailed past the very edge of the last chart ... and just kept sailing. He went beyond a point of certainty into new territory without knowing what he would find or whether he would even survive.

On Tuesday morning at 9:00 I interview for a full-time teaching position with benefits. If I get the job, it would be the first full-time job I've held since 1984.

The job comes with union membership and one of the most generous medical packages an American worker can obtain.

However, I am not trained to be a teacher. Therefore I will be observed and critiqued frequently. I will have to attend night school two days a week and Saturday mornings, in addition to creating lesson plans and grading papers and dealing with the mountain of paperwork teachers have that no parent or student ever sees.

For me, this is sailing into uncharted waters. A Columbus Point.

Depending on your point of view, Christopher Columbus was either a brave, pivotal pioneer or the destroyer of an entire hemisphere. Beyond the Columbus Point, I might succeed in a whole new career, in the midst of an economic recession, and receive the credits I need for full teacher certification. I might bond with my students and teach them how to read and write better. Or I might crash and burn under the constant scrutiny and long hours of work/classes, finding myself back at Zero a year or two from now.

Root for me, readers. I have a lot of life left, I can't make a living by writing anymore, and no one's going to pay me to blog or to raise foster kittens.

So, off I go to the Columbus Point, hoping that I will still find 60 minutes a week to make merry with all of you who visit "The Gods Are Bored."


Lavanah said...

Rooting hard!

Erik said...

Per ardua ad astra! You can do it.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Best of luck on your interview! Believe it and be it so!

Linda said...

Land ho!

Aquila ka Hecate said...

As someone cuurently reading -and agreeing with every word of - Columbus and Other Cannibals, you can just guess at my point of view about That Man.

It's Tuesday morning here already - rooting for you totally.

Terri in Joburg

Sarita said...

Break a leg!


cast off the ropes and smooth sailing to bet your ass i'll be rooting for you...i'll write you a letter of recommendation..which will really mean something as it's not often you'll find a texan saying anything nice about anyone from jersey..ha

Mama Kelly of 2 Witches Blog said...

what a wonderful (and frightening) opportunity!! I wish you the very best of luck and while I dont look forward to the idea of you posting less I am rooting you on nonetheless


miakoda said...

Of course you'll find time to post here. After all, think of all the possible Bored God encounters and all the exciting stories you'll have to tell... ;)

THE Michael said...

If you are the instrument for the once and final destruction of "no child left behind", then I say GO FOR IT!

Something tells me these kids are going to learn things, without even realizing it, that most teachers just don't have the ability to impart. If you can instill an open mind and critical thinking skills, then you will not have wasted your time, and we might get a savior of our species out of the deal as well.

Fair sailing, Captain, our Captain.........

Hillbilly Fairy said...

wow you did it! well if you can't spare the time to blog, it will be your students who benefit from your time -- and they will be the lucky ones. GOOD LUCK! When do you start?

buddydon said...

everbidy is a'rootin fer ye n i wood bet ye will be one of the best teachers they ever git.

n even ifn ye caint make a livin ritin, ye mite make a killin sumday.