Monday, June 29, 2009

Techopagan Magic Wand

Welcome 2 da Gods r bored! Who's ready 4 da modern age? LOL.

Back when Og and Gog perfected the wheel, there were probably priests around that said it was a sin to roll things around. By the time the wheel became a fixture, poor old Og and Gog were probably sitting in the tummies of some buzzards.

Therefore, we @ da Gods r bored applaud modern tech. Keep up w/ da times! Choose what u like and use it in ur religion!

Do you have a magic wand? I do. I made it myself. To me, self-creation is the only prerequisite for a magic wand. You don't have to be an expert artisan to have a wonderful wand. If you pick up a stick that calls to you from the ground, and you don't do anything else to it but shower it with blessings, it will be your wonderful wand forever.

Last Saturday my daughter The Heir went into Philly to a place called The Hacktory. She paid ten dollars for an afternoon workshop led by a team of geeky techy types. Over the course of three hours, she made a thoroughly modern magic wand.

"I actually soddered it myself!" she exclaimed proudly upon her return.

This wand is a pencil fitted with electronic devices, an AAA battery, and an On/Off switch. When Heir draws with it and puts her other finger on the page, it emits theremin-like sounds: little beeps, squeaks, siren noises, and even recognizable tunes. It can also buzz in that very modern electronic way.

Heir is thrilled beyond measure with her creation. She made a video for Facebook, but she's very private -- she wouldn't put the video on YouTube.

Heir's pencil-theremin satisfies every TGAB requirement for a magic wand. She made it herself, she's enriched by its presence in her life, and its use dovetails with her need to be weird in the apparent world.

Even the way she learned about the workshop -- through an artistic friend she works with in the summer -- jibes with the way wand-creation is supposed to work. Sometimes we need help creating our wands, and that help should come from like-minded individuals in a comfortable setting.

So, give it up for the very model of the modern magic wand! It beeps, it squeaks, it makes its creator happy! So might it b!

Other TGAB news:

*Both The Heir and The Spare had their wisdom teeth taken out today. They are predictably wretched. Heir got the worst of it, since hers had already rooted and erupted. But Spare's not doing great either.

*There's a new way to chase down the elusive Anne Johnson on Facebook! If you become a fan of Woodstock Trading Company, you will see me listed among the fans. You can network with me through there ... I think.

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YELLOWDOG GRANNY said... awful for the girls...feel for them..hope they were given some good pain killers so they didn't have to suffer much.
and i want to see heirs magic wand and im so jealous..dang..

A Wild Celtic Rose said...

I couldn't find you that way either (and there are only 49 fans)

Either you're profile is not searchable or some of the fair folk are having fun...

Maybe you should friend people who leave their facebook profiles on your comments?

Pom said...

Oh poor girls! Sounds like ice cream, jello, pudding, and mashed potatoes are in their future for awhile. Are they putting their teeth under their pillows?? :o)

I'm beginning to feel guilty that I had an easy time finding you on FB but I can't remember how I did it to help advise your friends. Sorry.

Mama Kelly of 2 Witches Blog said...

Can't find you either LOL methinks the fey are laughing themselves silly over this.

Mama Kelly

Mama Kelly of 2 Witches Blog said...

PS Im sorry that the girls are both feeling so miserable. I still remember having mine taken out when I was 19 - no fun at all!!

And I agree with granny ... I want to see this snazzy wand myself

Dalesings said...

No luck catching you either on Facebook or through Woodstock Trading Company. Boo-hoo.

Maebius said...

Oooh A Theremin-pen would make an AWESOME wand. Kudos to your Heir for such an awesome experience.
(I tried to make a solar-powered altoid-tin theremin to take camping for my own weirdness, but it never worked. *sigh*)

Still, as much of an internet junkie as I am, I still cringe whn i c txt spk writn lik that.

Kim said...

Nope - you are not listed. Perhaps you have a block on who can see you? ONe of my cousins does that. Could you friend me? I'm on there as a fan now: "Kim Liss Holtz". (And, I'm the only one on Facebook - tee-hee!).
Love your blog, btw.

Thomas said...

The pencil thing is pretty cool. Personally, I could never do a tech want. Electronic gadgets are prone to malfunction and outright breaking. When a gadget of mine goes awry or fails I loose a certain degree of my appreciation for it and that would not suit well for a wand.

I'll stick well with my piece of willow.

Sarita said...

You must have some privacy setting set, because I still can't find you! Could you add me, please? *puppy eyes* I'm one of the (now 53) fans of it, my name is Sarita, and my profile pic is currently a black cat!

Alan Joel said...

Very interesting crossover of technology and magic. Love it! Self-creation, agreed, is important in our magical tools. I always make my own wands as well, and the creativity of this modern wand is to be applauded!