Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pathway Lite

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Our deities are so bored that you can give them passing lip service, and they'll love the stuffing out of you! Tithes and offerings? Pish tosh! Stuff a twenty into a jar for breast cancer research, tell yourself you're honoring Chonganda, and old Chonganda will burst with happiness!

Yesterday I was talking with my daughter The Heir about my plans to attend a Wild Hunt in October. When I started describing what happens at a Wild Hunt, she stopped me. She said, "Oh man, Mom, I can remember when you were all crazy to get to choir practice on time, pushing me and Spare out the door, scolding Spare for being slow! And all those long Sundays in church! And now look at you!"

Look at me, indeed.

I did not choose to be a Pagan because of the demands put upon me by the United Methodist Church. I sat myself down at the Lord Fairfax Spring in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia and had a mystical moment. For a blessed few minutes, a plethora of bored gods, faeries, and Sacred Thunderbirds called me unto them, and I chucked the Methodist Church rather as a shot-putter heaves his best in the Olympics.

I've said this before, but since it's Pagan Values Month, it bears repeating. One vow I made to myself when I became a disciple of the bored gods was that everything I did would be holy to them, not just what I did on holy days. In other words, I decided to back off of full immersion in any specific praise and worship team.

I go to Druid Grove on the Sabbats, and I love that. Our rituals are eclectic and easygoing, occasionally being interrupted by giggles, just as occasionally bringing people to tears. I come home from the meetings immersed in calm. Eight times a year, plus Fairy Festivals, I celebrate the Celtic pathway.

Otherwise, I ain't much of a Druid.

Can't tell you when the next full moon will be, unless I Google it. Hardly ever hold rituals at home, although I do pray at a big old oak near my house. Never visit the Druid groups on my Facebook. Haven't opened my Grove's Ning page in months.

What I otherwise try to do is just be goddessly. I read. I sing. I try to memorize poetry. I parent, and parent, and parent some more. I keep this silly web site. Most of all, I just try to be kind to people. And if I can't be kind to them, I leave them alone.

Today I gave one of my students a book to take home for summer reading. The book was for him to keep, I told him. No need to return it. He said to me, "Miss, no one has ever given me a book before."

Call it Pagan Pathway Lite, but this moment to me was magic. It honors Queen Brighid the Bright, Ogma, and all deities who direct intellectual pursuit.

The best part of this moment? I didn't have to spend half the night making a casserole or decorating six dozen cookies. I pulled a book off my shelf, I took it to school, I gave it to a student.

From all goodness grows greater good.

Now I think I'll go take a load off and watch Dr. Phil.

Photo: Pretty girl at Lord Fairfax Spring, spring 2009


Maebius said...

Sounds like you stumbled on something not quite Pathway Lite, but Pathway Deep. :)
It's those little things, the everyday magic and worship that pervade your lifestyle, that means so much to the bored (and otherwise) deities out there. Kudos!

Nettle said...

I always giggle at our rituals, and I always cry. Every single time.


I was a bad catholic..and I'm a bad pagan..My idea of being a pagan is to quietly pray to the Goddess for the health and welfare of my friends who are in need of her help. I try to be a good person and even though it is extremely difficult..most of the time I succeed...that's my idea of being a pagan...
I giggled in church too...

Maeve said...

"Miss, no one has ever given me a book before."

That is so sad it brings tears to my eyes! I'm glad you gave him a book. Everyone should have a book! Many books! They're the stuff of dreams, the stuff of every-day living.

KJBrooklyn said...

I work in Brooklyn Housing court. there is no child care and people frequently bring their kids, who are bored. the parents, who are stressed and didn't think to bring anything to entertain the kids, start screaming at them. That's when I walk over and hand the kid a book. Feels good to me, didn't know it was pagan values. Kayla