Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pagan Couture

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" What is the well-dressed Pagan wearing? Maybe nothing, maybe lots of stuff. But let's get real. Pagans dress like Pagans even when it's not time for Ritual.

It's still Pagan Values Month, and I'm having a lot of fun wandering off track and talking about it. Today sermon: how we clothe ourselves.

I was inspired to write this because it's Flag Day. A poobah in the Daughters of the American Revolution just called and asked me and daughter The Spare to come hand out flags in the town square tonight at 6:00.

At one time I had splendid D.A.R. clothing. Red business jackets, navy dresses, colorful patriotic t-shirts, tasteful ensembles. These items came in handy for church functions as well.

Then George W. Bush got elected president, and I became a Pagan.

Out went all the patriotic stuff. Every last piece of easy-care polyester.

I just looked in my wardrobe, and I don't have a single item of red clothing, except a polo shirt I bought at the thrift store a few weeks ago because I was going to hand out red water ice at my school's field day.

On the other hand, my closet is brimming with what I will call "Pagan clothes." I've got peasant blouses and hippie skirts, tie-dye and colorful scarves. And if you need a Tinker Bell t-shirt, well. I've got a dozen. I also own a beautiful t-shirt made by Thalia (see sidebar).

Many of my shirts have that silkscreened dreamscape imagery that has been popular for a few years and is now easily found at Goodwill. Most of my blouses have bell sleeves. Replacing that patriotic red blazer is a Druid robe, a soft brown cape made by my mother-in-law, with an oak leaf clasp given to me by my friend Celeste. A thing of grace and beauty to be sure, but it ain't Flag Day attire by any stretch of the imagination.

They say it has become more difficult to tell people's income levels and social status by how they dress. That might be true. But it is still possible to make assumptions about lifestyle and religion based on how people dress. You just don't see many Druids in polyester pantsuits. You also don't see many D.A.R. ladies in tie-dye. Ahem. It does happen sometimes, though.

Pagan couture is beautiful, artistic, often original and unique. Its wearers make statements about their confidence, their esteem for the bored gods, and their comfort with the path they have chosen. Generally speaking, this style of attire is appropriate for every occasion. As with any other line of clothing, it varies in price from the eminently affordable to the ridiculously expensive. Pagans can dress up magnificently. Or they can go skyclad, which is as affordable as it gets.

All the same, I know the difference between a Flag Day observance and a Druid ritual. So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to leaf through my closet one final time to see if I overlooked anything that's even minimally patriotic.

You know what the prophets CSNY say about this. Love the one you're with. And don't throw out any clothes. You might need that sensible blazer some day. You never know who will be elected president. Might be someone you like.


THE Michael said...

My wardrobe consists of T-shirts and jeans, with a few cargo pants. I have one black cordorory blazer I only wear to anything I HAVE to dress formal for. I don't wear a tie, not for anybody. I steer towards earth tones now, including black, but I like tie-die.

I am no slave to fashion, as you might imagine. Thankfully, I wear scrubs to work, so I don't have to worry myself over what to wear to work everyday.

And I'd go skyclad outside if I only had a fence and alot less misquitos.


i have a lot of the broomstick skirts..i love them...lots of blouses in eggplant color..and tshirts and shorts and red shirt is a st. mary's mustang school shirt.

Servitor Lucem said...

I have red stuff... A coule of tees, and some red-ans-blue stripes. Red I wear on Tuesday, just like blue on Thursday, orange on Wednesday, and green on Friday...

Anne Johnson said...

Servitor, that ensemble you're wearing in your Facebook photo is stunning.

Maebius said...

It is a strange thought, and one I probably should muse upon more fully, that while it is said "clothes do not make the [wo]man", what we wear does seem to shift depending on our inner concept of Truth. hmm... :)