Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pick a Woman. Any Woman.

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," all you gals! Today we're going to try a brand new casserole recipe, learn how to make a door wreath out of paper towel tubes, and try to find a qualified nanny for a child with Down Syndrome! Gosh, we'd better get started!

Am I the only woman who is insulted by the new Republican candidate for vice president? It's like they sat down and said, "How can we keep all these Hillary Clinton backers happy? I know! We'll get ourselves a great dame and set her loose!"

Except ... gosh ... they went through the ranks, and the only suitable (and willing) warm body was Buffy the Bear Slayer? A woman who, if she lived by her evangelical Christian tenets, would be staying home to raise those five children, especially the disabled one who will need her desperately.

By the way, will that disabled child get taxpayer-funded special services, like most of them do? Down with the socialist agenda! Make that kid accept responsibility!

Gag me with an oil pipeline.

I'd like to see this lil' gal spell "tomato" on a blackboard. It's a nice litmus test for Republican vice presidents.

I've added a new blog to my sidebar. Bibi the Hillbilly Fairy has just joined Blogger, so if you have room in your heart for a faerie-lover who doesn't just talk the talk, go and welcome her to our family!

That's all for today. My faeries want me to mist the garden.


Maeve said...

I feel kind of like a hobbit in the Shire, and the Black Riders are galloping away with a parting "let the little people blow! Sauron would deal with them later"

I'm voting Democrat this year. First time I think I'll have ever voted for a majority party nominee. I shudder to think what will happen to us with 4 more years of Bush politics.

(my garden is calling to me, saying "you want to pick everything! pickled nasturtium seeds! tomato sauce! dry beans!" but it will have to wait for Monday. In Montana, on Labor Day Weekend, there's a little town that has a "Running of the Sheep" event. There's street vendors, and a parade, and then... they run a bunch of sheep down Main Street, something like 6 blocks long?, ala Pamplona Spain. It's a hoot.)

Anne Johnson said...

That sounds like a fabulous festival.

THE Michael said...

If this OBVIOUSLY shallow example of pandering works on all these Hillary spites (a "spite" is a person who cuts off their own nose hoping it will inconvenience others) , then I hope they gag on it.....I can not for the life of me understand the logic of thinking a vote for Hillary is the same as a vote for John McCain, only with a sack of balls attached. If women want men to think they can't honestly be trusted to use critical thinking skills in selecting a candidate for office, then this is the perfect way to prove it beyond all doubt. Hell, the Taliban WISH they had women this dumb!

I would hate to think I was a feminist all my life just to experience a FUBAR like THIS........

Please, take me back to 1825! I want to be BARBY!!!

Sorry, Anne, this is how I puke........

BBC said...

All I could think of was, "What if they sew my wedding ring into my butt?"

Too funny, reminds me of an old ditty. "The only ring that Lou Lou wore was the ring around her butt." Ha, ha, ha.

Anyway, he would have never picked her if he wasn't behind and hoping she would help his chances.

And if they made it to the white house it would be a hoot to catch them screwing each other on a white house couch.

Us taxpayers deserve some entertainment for our tax money.

yellowdog granny said...

as a woman im insulted
as a smart woman i saw it coming..the night of the obama speech i told junebugg, you watch he's going to pick a woman..but i think she's really a guy that the alaskan winters froze the balls off of..

Tony Snow said...

Anne Johnson,

Shut Up, She's only the mother of four!

Anne Johnson said...

Tony, I will only believe this after I read/see it in the MSM. But for now, let's just say I am very eagerly awaiting a full investigation of Baby Palin's parentage.

But then, God makes 'em all, doesn't He?

JaAnBe said...

OMG, it's Cheney in a skirt.

yellowdog granny said...

i refer to her as 'look i have a vagina'...

Hillbilly Fairy said...

ditto everything already said. anybody that votes for Pale-in becuz she's a "woman" deserves mcPain.
But WE DON'T! I know my evangelical neighbors aren't voting for this duo because the fact that the teenage daughter is pregnant tells them that the Family Values she espouses aren't being followed at home. On the other hand, a gay couple I'm acquainted with are writing in Hillary becuz they are still pissed off.
People! Who can figure them out?
Thanks to those who visited my blog! It's not nearly as witty as Anne's but she's had more practice ;>