Saturday, August 09, 2008

Belated Lughnasadh Celebration

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," a central clearinghouse for the big, broad, flexible outlook! One size never fits all -- in apparel, opinions, or deities!

I filled two dozen water balloons today in preparation for Lughnasadh 2008, Coille dhe Darach Dhubh, Grove of the Black Oak. I also updated the Ritual. And found this year's dragon for the dragon toss. (His name is Puff.) There will be a brand new faerie joining us who is about to begin its particular destiny. Marshmallows for roasting, incense, sea glass ... hmmm ... have I forgotten anything?

I'm sure I'll get out to Ridley Creek State Park and realize I forgot something important. Like maybe my daughter The Heir will be sitting in the driveway of the house saying, "Where are they?"

Lughnasadh is one of the dedicated Druidic holy days, and it's a favorite of mine. Our Grove is always merry, but we're particularly merry on this day, whether we've reaped a great harvest, a mediocre harvest, or we're actually going into hock (moi).

If there's any one thing that all religions have in common, it's celebrations. So on Sunday, thank the bored deities of your choice for helping you glean, reflect on how you're going to get through the dark days ahead, and ... hurl Puff the Dragon as far as you can! But only after he's roasted the marshmallows by breathing on them.



Hecate said...

Blessings to you, my Sister!

yellowdog granny said...

goddess bless you..and your faries