Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lucky Me

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored" on this special day! Yes, every year August 23 rolls around. Recall that we at "The Gods Are Bored" are fond of that number.

And no wonder. August 23 is my wedding anniversary. Twenty-four years of blissful freedom from divorce lawyers!

Who says life can't be like movie sex? This is me and Mr. Johnson. Okay, well, it isn't of course. But that's how I feel about my dude. Just when you think he can't get any sexier, he comes home and tells you he's been named to his labor union's executive board. Wowsa!

Baby, you rock my world! Shall we go for 48?



At August 23, 2008 , Blogger Lavanah said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your E-Board Member! And may you have many many more happy ones to come.

At August 23, 2008 , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

all of my marriages don't add up to 24 lucky you both are to have found each other...good for you both..

At August 23, 2008 , OpenID Mama Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary!!! May the Gods shower you both with many blessings.

At August 23, 2008 , OpenID Jaspenelle said...

Happy Anniversary! May the bored Gods take a moment to smile upon your twenty-four years of blissful freedom from divorce lawyers!

At August 23, 2008 , Blogger Pom said...

Happy Anniversary. Good to know you still put smiles on one anothers' faces - that's what it's all about. Blessings..

At August 24, 2008 , Blogger Livia Indica said...

Hi Anne! I've nominated you for a blogging award since you're so awesome! For details, cruise on over to my blog Magic in These Hills.

At August 24, 2008 , Blogger Paul said...

Happy Anniversary

May the Gods shower you both with blessings for many more blissful years.

At August 24, 2008 , Blogger BBC said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You lucky girl.

I'm celebrating 22 years of not being married. The Insane Chicks Society just drives me nuts and I only get along with special women like Helen.

At August 25, 2008 , OpenID sabrinam82 said...

Hello Anne, and happy anniversary to you and Mr. Johnson! As if marital bliss weren’t enough, I’ve gone and nominated you for a blog award to let you and the world know how much I’m enjoying The Gods are Bored. If you visit my blog at, you’ll see all the details. Thanks again for all laughter you inspire!



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