Monday, April 09, 2007

It's All About Meme!

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," your oasis of mild lucidity in an insane world! I'm your host, Anne Johnson (that's my real name), and this week we're celebrating the 2nd anniversary of this site!

Rosie has tagged me to write about me. I'll be damned if I can think of a more boring topic, but here goes:

Five things that give me physical pleasure
1. rubbing my pussy ... cat
2. prescription pharmaceuticals (thanks, Doc)
3. sex (told you I was boring)
4. rock n roll
5. Okay, already, there's your sex, drugs, and rock n roll. What the hell else is there?

Five things that make me immediately angry
1. when the laundromat is busy
2. Rush Limbaugh
3. when the checkout clerk at the grocery store can't find the price of shallots
4. commercials for prescription pharmaceuticals
5. stubborn stains on my sofa

Five things that automatically make me happy
1. new readers for "The Gods Are Bored" (Is that you? Want some Easter candy?)
2. Countdown with Keith
3. leaving comments at Jesus' General
4. when the laundromat isn't crowded
5. when the checkout clerk at the grocery store knows the price of shallots

Five things that make me automatically sad
1. the play Our Town
2. local, area, and national news
3. chicks that fall out of nests before they can fly
4. seeing a badly-stained sofa put out for the trash
5. discovering that the grocery store is out of shallots

So, there you have it! All about moi!

I'll add this one:

Five things I absolutely love
1. turkey vultures
2.turkey vultures
3. black vultures
4. California condors
5. turkey vultures

Now I'm off to the grocery store! And perhaps Rosie will tell me how to tag other people...



BBC said...


Shucks, I keep hoping to find harlots at the grocery store. No luck there.

But hey, I made a killer meatloaf this morning.

Not bad for a breakfast cook that doesn't know a lot about other cooking, or forgot what I did know because I'm so basic anymore.

What makes me automatically happy?

A nice boob to fondle and kiss. LOL

Oh well, it's been a couple of years being as I just keep meeting screwed up Christians and such, that I proceed to drive crazy.

Umm, never mind, I'm lost these days. What a screwed up planet.

I hope that it is going well with the spare. The spare, that just cracks me up. LOL

Rosie said...

I love your comments at Jesus' General. I think that's how I found you.

To tag people, just pick five people you want to send this to and link to them. Then let them know you've tagged them.

Do you keep track of your linkage on technorati or somewhere? Didn't know if you knew what excellent linkage you had.

BBC said...

Ha !!! I just read your comment at Rosie's blog. You are right all blogs are dictatorships.

She doesn't like some of the things I've said to her though. Like suggesting that catch and release fishing is just being mean to the fish.

She claims to be a gun toting liberal, but what is liberal about comment moderation and not allowing all opinions?

She makes a damn good fudge though. Just has a weak ego.

A Wild Celtic Rose said...

California Condors were cooler before they captured every last one of them, raised them in captivity and released them into another area in another state.

Although I did buy the last older male a few extra weeks (I'd elaborate, but I'm not certain the statute of limitations has passed)

Although there was that one that flew all the way up the Colorado River from the Vermillion Cliffs area of Grand Canyon National Park and ended up at Arches National Park in Moab.

Now THAT was cool!

Anne Johnson said...

Whatever you did, WCR, you are now enshrined as a saint in Anne's Great Book of Buzzard Worship! Be sure to share when the statute of limitations has ended.

buddydon said...

speakin of them californy condors, one of the grate memries of my life wuz in 1967 whenever my science teacher tuck a group of us up to seem em. we camped out n hiked a long trail, but in the end, thar they wuz. at the time we wuz tole thay wudnt but 13 of em lef in the wilds. times has changed, i reckun.