Friday, August 01, 2014

Two Thirds of the Year

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," Lughnasadh Edition 2014. It is a time of reflection.

Pagan practice centers upon the ancient cycle of planting and harvesting followed by our ancestors. But I have always felt that the Wheel is also a metaphor for our lives, both on a year-to-year basis and on a lifetime basis. This Lughnasadh I am thinking about the fact that my life is probably two-thirds over, and my First Harvest is bearing fruit.

My daughters are grown into level-headed young women. They are my most precious fruits.

My husband still loves me. Can you imagine tolerating my antics for 35 years? Hats off to the guy.

This blog is a nice fruit. It's been a good place to kick up my heels, laugh, and let off steam.

Blessed First Harvest to you, reader. Dip into the John Barleycorn for me.


Anonymous said...

Blessed Lughnasadh to you as well!

Davoh said...

"Pagan practice centers upon the ancient cycle of planting and harvesting followed by our ancestors"

Forgive me, a pedantic point; " ... and followed by our progeny".

As you well know, "planting and harvesting" from the "climate" perspective is 'different' here in the Southern Hemisphere.

Yes, Anne, have read widely about the languages, 'religions', faiths, and 'empires' developed in the Northern Hemisphere ...

Agriculture in this rather peculiar island continent called Australia is difficult and complicated.

Water, is the key resource.

Davoh said...

Perhaps, hopefully - the "Rainbow serpent" of ancient Australian Aboriginal mythology can return and restore some sort of "equity" between Earth, Air, fire and water.

Anne Johnson said...

Davoh, I will see if I can arrange a meet and greet with the Rainbow Serpent, with the goal of transferring some of our Northeast American rain to your deserving nation. Honestly, we could use a few dry days next week.

Lucretia said...

Anne, if it's dry days you want, just come to California! We even have over a dozen wildfires to dry you out even more... :-(