Sunday, August 03, 2014

Don't Be Jealous of My Druid Grove

Envy is a sin. I want you to keep that in mind as I describe my Druid Grove's Lughnasadh ritual. Of course we all strive for perfection. Can I help it that this Grove has been together so long that we have achieved it?

A good location is important for any worship. Here's ours. It's an easy 26-hour flight to Fiji. We don't mind the commute a bit. Worth it to praise the bored gods the way they ought to be praised!

Our leader, Archdruid Wallace, insists upon careful observation of all ritual activities. You'd better not forget your lines or your cues.

This is one of our seven altars. We used this one today because all the native flowers were coincidentally blooming at this one moment.

Our Chief Priestess is so misunderstood! Her colleagues at the Fed belittle her all the time about her "silly hobby." And props to her. She works in a building with $80 million in the basement, and she never contemplates revenge. Strong woman.

I know attendance can be an issue for some of you folks, but as you can see, Black Oak Grove has it going on. Not to brag or anything.

We held our Lughnasadh Ritual on August 3, and as always, it was perfect. Let's face it, perfection should be the goal of every worship service. The Gods and Goddesses will not accept a ho-hum performance.


Black Oak Grove met in a local state park. The pavilion was not available; it had been leased.  We were eight in number, a high for us since about 2009. We didn't have an altar ... or mead ... it started raining ... our fire was small and listless ... and we loved every minute, and the Gods love us. Wherever and whenever someone raises a prayer to the bored deities, They are simply delighted.


A reader of this blog came to our ritual! His name is Cliff, and he's a great guy. I snapped this little photo of him while he wasn't looking:

Black Oak Grove: Bored God approved since 2005!


greekwitch said...

You got me fooled till the picture with the hordes of people that looked like Red Hot Chili Peppers were performing live! Blessed first harvest!

Anne Johnson said...

I Googled "Grateful Dead concert crowd." Worked like a charm. And if I had you fooled , oh don't I WISH Wallace was our leader!


I'm surprised that Freya didn't show up and demand some worshiping.

Cliff said...

Oh Anne, shame, shame on you for catching me at a weak moment!

What with the rain and all that poison ivy about, not to mention those insufferable forged shoes digging into my ankles, I just *had* to readjust my crown! That's why I missed my cue! May the bored gods forgive me!

As the bard says, "Heavy lies the crown on the head of the King!"

Davoh said...

Wot, No MEAD??!!!
Give me a couple of months warning for the next gathering ... might be able to organise some "real" stuff.

Mary said...

LOL! Levity counts. Smart-assedness counts. Isn't it all good, this little worship/BIG worship situation? Just do it.

Erland Tamboen said...

Great site you have here.. It's hard to find excellent writing like yours these days. I honestly appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

Maebius said...

Can I get an Awen, sistah. :)

Glad you had a lovely little ritual. I've always felt and said it's the sincere and little rituals that really sound through the noise and get the Gods smiling. Wish I coulda been there to make double-digit attendance though, it's not quite as far as Fiji! :D

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I do so love a man in a kilt. I think it's the cross-dressing aspect that I find so alluring. Nice photo. Well worth lingering over. Rowr!

And I AM jealous of your Druid Grove! How wonderful to get together to honour the Old Ways and the Old Ones.

Garima Pal said...