Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Free Advice on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS is a terrible, horrible illness, and that's the only reason why I would do something as stupid as pour ice water over my head. That is stupid. It must have been thought up by some Alabama frat brother.

I was nominated by my daughter The Spare. How's them apples? She must have found out that I have a life insurance policy.

Anyway, I rarely do something stupid before researching the specs on the matter. Free advice? The specs pretty much let you off the hook.

1. The site says don't do it in areas where there's a shortage of water. That's everywhere, my friends! Everywhere! Water should never be wasted. Potable water is a finite resource. You will be completely covered if (like me) you drop a single ice cube on your head and flick a few drops of water in your face.

2. You're not supposed to do it if it would impact your health. How would you know until you did it? Single ice cube, flick of water. That's not going to hurt anyone.

3. This is the part I don't like. You have to nominate three more people to do the challenge. This makes me uncomfortable. I think people should be free to donate to the charity of their choosing. But a close reading of the web site doesn't demand that you nominate living people! Thank the bored gods for that! There are any number of famous historical hot-heads for you to nominate, should this stupid challenge fall into your lap.

So there you have it -- helpful free advice which, the economy being what it is, I will pay you to take. Send me an invoice.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, post a video of you doing the deed! One ice cube with the few flicks of water and all!

Anonymous said...

I am probably being a wet blanket here, but the original challenge was the ice bucket OR a donation to ALS. You could skip the ice by just donating -- no set amount.

Davoh said...

Ah, the marvels of the modern internet. Someone here nominated Anthony John Abbott (our current hot-head Prime Minister). Apparently his "media advisers" advised him to "just givvem $50 and it will all go away very quickly".

Um, am not intending set self up fer this - 'tis the middle of winter (on the other hand, am becoming slowly 'acclimatised' ... heh).

Anne Johnson said...

Debra, a video exists, but I am dependent upon The Spare loading it, which means in the far future or never. I'm not going to nag her about it.

What I'm hearing is that people are dumping ice water on their heads and then not even sending a donation ... so Kim, you are on the money.