Monday, November 17, 2008

Cheesy Christmas Stuff for You!

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go!

Some retailers used to hold off until after Samhain to get their Christmas gear out and spiffed up and hung. No more. I've been seeing fake trees and garland in stores since September.

When Geezer Annie was a girl, you saw nary a wreath until the day after Thanksgiving. Snow, yes. Christmas decorations, no.

It's understandable, I guess. The retail stores are all feeling the pinch, since the rest of us are pinched. They want to bombard us with pine, get us feeling desperate to fill those loved ones' stockings.

Have no fear! Annie is here to help you this year! And she's not waiting until after Thanksgiving, even though she knows it's the proper thing to do!

Taking a page from Mrs. B's playlist, I'm going to be giving away essential Yuletide items once a week between now and December 22! All you have to do is leave just one little comment sometime between now and Friday, and you'll be entered in this week's contest!

(If you don't have a blog account, be sure to include an email where you can be reached.)

The first giveaway is that all-important holiday item, the one you just can't live without: a tangled strand of 100 multi-colored lights!

Yes! This one-year-old strand of multi-colored lights will come to you a tangled mess, just like they all do when you pull them from last year's storage box. Because that's where they'll come from -- my storage box!

You know you want this, reader. It's what Christmas is all about!

Future Christmas giveaways will be just as wonderful, so stay tuned. I may even step up the pace of giving, if I sense a genuine need to do so.



mrsb said...

Hahahahaa! I love it!

And guess what I saw on TV just last night? How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Seriously. In November.

Dj said...

You always manage to make me laugh. Oh, and if i win do i have to pay for the postage? :)

sharon in ct said...

Can I leave a comment without being entered in the contest? Thank you.

One of my favorite musicals is Mame! There's a number titled "We Need a Little Christmas," in which Auntie Mame declares that a little Christmas decorating is just the thing to cheer everyone up (it's the Depression, and Mame has lost all her money in the stock market). There is a line sung by young Patrick in which he protests, "But Auntie Mame, it's one week past Thanksgiving Day now."

That sounds so dated now. I wonder if that line has been changed for modern productions? I won't say I long for the 1960s--I'm glad to be done with them--but it would be wonderful if we could go back to holding off on celebrating Christmas at the appropriate time. Me, I celebrate Yule, but I dread going into a store--any store--this time of year.

Maeve said...

I'm feeling strangely reluctant to leave a comment on your blog...

funny that.

(please, no tangled lights for me either! I have enough of my own, lol)

Auntie Meme said...

OK. Guilty confessions time. I prefer incandescent lights. I know I'm killing the planet but *snif* I'm nostalgic for the warm glow of those gigantic crayon-colored C9-size bulbs that would give you third-degree burns. I even love the tiny incandescent lights. I guess I'll learn to love LEDs, but you'll have to pry my bubble lights out of my cold dead branches.

sageweb said...

Tangled lights sound very fascinating.

yellowdog granny said...

ooh tangled go with the 4 sets of tangled lights i already have..eek...

JaAnBe said...

Hey, if I win you can have my tangled set of white lights!!!