Thursday, November 27, 2008

Alpha Female

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored" on Thanksgiving 2008! Don't forget to set a place at the table for your ancestors, and/or the bored god or goddess who leads you through life.

I am now the Alpha female in my husband's family, which means that Thanksgiving is at my house, and I am responsible for the lion's share of the chores. This is fine with me ... but the problem is that I was preceded by two extraordinarily formidable Alpha females, and both of them are here today with me.

Mr. Johnson's grandmother is now 95. When I picked her up yesterday at her waterfront home near Annapolis, she wasn't sure what holiday we would be celebrating. But I can remember a time when she served 25 people Thanksgiving dinner in her home ... and I didn't so much as bring rolls.

Mr. Johnson's mother is 75. She's still feisty enough to want things to be done her way, and to mess in and see that it happens. Again, in her heyday she was a Grade-A chef, which I've never been. When I picked her up at her condo in Baltimore yesterday, she stuck me with yet more dime store decor ... she wants to redecorate my house.

Yesterday I drove a round trip of 250 miles to pick up these two ladies, including a one-way transit of the stunning Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Wish me luck as I navigate today, hopefully having washed the dishes in time to see the Eagles receive yet another drubbing.


mrsb said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Anne!

And I love crossing that bridge. Sometimes you're lucky enough to see a couple of dolphins diving around!

Lavanah said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Anne. Having such Alpha females in the family can be a wonderful challange. On the other hand, their examples also created the wonderful Mr. Johnson who is smart enough to appreciate alpha females, such as his wife and his two daughters...
May your festivities be joyous!

yellowdog granny said...

may the Goddess bless you on this day of thanksgiving..and give you strength to avoid blood letting with the other alpha females.
you know how i feel about the 'smeagles' but hope they win for you...i'd rather be a good friend that a good cowboys fan..

democommie said...


Happy Thanksgiving, eat too much.

Pom said...

Anne and her loved ones,
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones past and present. And I hope the faeries are kind this year... one challenge it sounds like you don't need! I'm sure all will turn out beautifully - and the important part is the time with family.

Maeve said...

Oh man, and here I thought you were having ghosts for dinner!

I hope you survived the advice and decor!

BBC said...

I went to a community Thanksgiving dinner, it was very good. I'm stuffed, I'm not used to eating so much.

And I brought back a big plate of food for Helen.

Mama Kelly said...

And I thought I'd had a lot to for this holiday! Whew!

Happy Thanksgiving!

sageweb said...

Hope you had a great turkey day!!!