Friday, September 29, 2006

My Senators

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Today we're talking Senators, and I don't mean the baseball team. Here I sit in New Jersey, gloating about the blueness of my elected officials. I would have figured them for escapees from that Beatles movie. Real Blue Meanies, opposing such niceties as torture and kangaroo courts.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Democrats all, Lautenberg, Menendez, and Andrews voted FOR our Fearless Leader's expanded imperial powers. Andrews (surprise, surprise) never answered my email questioning his vote, although I was polite and thoughtful, bearing no resemblance to all the hateful Lefties that the Good Right American Christians want to oBLUEterate.

As for Menendez, the bum had my vote sewn up even though new corruption allegations spring up every day. But hey. Just like in Pennsylvania, New Jersey has two guys running for U.S. Senate who have almost identical political views. So guess what? I'm not voting for Menendez. Or Andrews.

If you would like your name to be written in on an official ballot in New Jersey's 2006 primary election, please contact "The Gods Are Bored" prior to election day.

If I don't hear from any of my legions of readers, I will vote for the Monkey Man to be Senator and myself for Congress.

Say, how does someone run for Congress, anyway? Do you know?



Hecate said...

You should seriously run for Congress. Call your local Democratic (I know) office and ask them to direct you to the state's requirements. Two years, baby. That's plenty of time for you to run.

Have Skunk said...

Don't throw your vote away. The future of the country is at stake: vote democrat.

Interrobang said...

Go for it, Anne! In two years, I might run for mayor of this burg... :) We can swap campaign tips.

Rauf said...

Mandatory voter ID ? If you are not rich you can't vote ?

"This bill, which would require would-be voters to show expensive proof-of-citizenship identification before they could cast a ballot in the 2010 election, is straight-on vote suppression -- addressing not the minuscule problem of non-citizens trying to vote, but the far larger one of low-income American citizens trying to vote, and voting their interests, which means, for the most part, voting Democratic."

Davo said...

Get into Congress American version? umm, first you have lie cheat and steal your way into a million dollars or so, then bribe/heavy the media into writing/promoting nice things about you, then for the next 4-5 years lie/cheat/steal your way into the senate.

(sorry, my jaundiced view of U.S. politics.)

Anonymous said...

To (mis)quote Heinlein: "The difference between bad and worse is much sharper than that between good and better." Are you sure that you can't find *any* difference between the Dem and the Rep? Don't think of it as endorsing the lesser of two evils; think of it as casting-out the greater evil.

Raevyn said...

Senators are a baseball team too? Funny I've only ever heard of the Ottawa Senators hockey team. Cool.

Broadcasting live from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada *giggle*

Anonymous said...

"Don't think of it as endorsing the lesser of two evils; think of it as casting-out the greater evil."

But it IS endorsing the lesser of two evils. The choice between the lesser and greater evils gets worse and worse. We can't enable both of the evils getting worse and say that our hands are clean.

Progressives have spent an awful lot of time and money trying to support a party that does not support them. We need to build the Green Party, or else we will be left with an even worse choice in future elections.