Saturday, September 09, 2006

ABC: Always Bad Creatures?

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" If you miss the original episodes of Star Trek, pull up a chair. We're just about to eat. That's a shoofly pie at your elbow. Help yourself!

Today we at "The Gods Are Bored" are helping to get out the word that the Amerikan Broadcasting Company (hereafter known as ABC) will be airing a "docu-drama" this week called "The Path to 9/11."

Several bored gods that we respect have previewed the programming, and they say it's riddled with factual errors of a most deceitful sort. Chonganda, awesome bored god of the ancient Congolese people, called it "despicable lies" and expressed concerns for our country's future if television can portray fiction as fact. Queen Brighid the Bright likewise condemned the show as "yet another sly fireball from the people who are scorching the earth."

(I didn't know the Goddess liked the Moody Blues.)

Several bored gods enjoyed the show and said Bill Clinton had it coming. Those would be: Zeus, Mithras, Mars, and the Valkyries.

We at "The Gods Are Bored" encourage you to change your viewing habits to exclude ABC, as it seems to have changed its mission from purveyor of entertainment to Media Manipulator of Marginal Minds.

And, if you have school-age kids, add this to your short list: Boycott Scholastic, Inc. products. Scholastic actually created educational materials to enhance this show's credibility.

Instead of watching "Path to 9/11," why don't you go out into a green space and say a peace prayer to the bored god or goddess of your choice?

If you worship Mithras, by all means belly up to that tube, click on ABC, and stuff your gut with cheese fries. You'll get no shoofly pie from us.



Hecate said...

Instead of watching "Path to 9/11," why don't you go out into a green space and say a peace prayer to the bored god or goddess of your choice?

Now that is an amazing, positive, idea.

BTW, I love shoeflypie.

Davo said...

Funny, really. The "ABC" translates, in Australia, to the Australian Broadcasting Commission. A TV station desperately trying to put some sense and sensibility back into "media hype". (they won't get very far, totally funded by the current "government", but they keep trying.) heh.

Nixie B said...

I'm sorry Anne - I just can't bring myself to ban ABC altogether. Patrick Dempsey is too dreamy.

Was never planning to watch the ridiculous 9/11 thing in the first place. Your idea about finding a green space is a very good one. I want to be as far away from all the hype and hysteria on Monday as possible.

Athana said...

Thnx anne for letting us in on how the pantheon reacted to the ABC anti-democracy show "The Path to 9/11."

Taped to the screen of my TV, in the bottom left-hand corner, in bold bright letters, is this sign: "ABC (8) NO!"

Henceforth, all visitors to my humble abode will be forbidden to tune in to this channel.