Sunday, March 19, 2006

Months, Years, Centuries

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored." We submit that Mother Nature abhors all wars.

On this third anniversary of the War in Iraq, we at The Gods Are Bored state the obvious:

Predictions of the duration of war, its cost in human casualties, and its monetary output, are often greatly underestimated.

Predictions on the attitude of the vanquished toward the victors are almost always wrong.


Photo: Andersonville Prison, August 16, 1864
Sinclair University Archives

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Athana said...

The elf in me wants to say, Everything would be peachy keen if women woulda stuck to two kids apiece, period, from the beginning. No overpopulation. No shortages. No oil fights (enough oil for everyone 'til the sun burns out, and then we're goners anyway).

But no. The war gods reared their ugly heads a few millenia ago and said women hadda start pumping out kids by the dozen.

I'm calling for an all-out strike against the war gods!