Saturday, March 25, 2006

Fabulous, Fabulous Faeries!

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Today is a proud day for "The Gods Are Bored." We've popped the buttons on 15 shirts.

The Spring, 2006 issue of Faerie Magazine is on the market, featuring Anne's Splendid Piece about Magical, Mysterious Berkeley Springs!

Yes, folks, Anne the humble goat judge has gone into print big time!

Faerie Magazine is a high-concept, ultra-fancy quarterly dedicated entirely to faeries. And to the people who love and live with faeries. And to all the great artists and designers out there who are inspired by faeries. And to all the places and sculptures and ancient outposts of faeries.

Also, especially, to the faerie festivals where people go to mingle with other people who believe in faeries, and thus can do as they please without being stared at like they're ten miles down Loony Lane.

Faeries are spread widely among pantheons of Bored Gods, but there's no mistaking them for angels.

Angels don't hide your car keys when you're already late for work.

Angels have wings made of feathers because they live so far away up in the sky. Faeries have wings like butterflies or insects, because they hover closer to earth.

Angels take messages to God. Faeries take messages, cut them up, and re-assemble them to make all new words.

Angels do their master's bidding. Faeries do "The Hustle."

Angels live among the stars. Faeries spill the contents of jars.

All right! All right! Can we get back on topic here?

If you would like to see a copy of Faerie Magazine, Spring, 2006, you can find it at the Barnes & Noble Evil Empire, or you can get it online at the easy link in the box to your right.

Or you can buy it straight from Anne. Don't worry, you'll see her. She'll be the way weird woman standing at the Lincoln Tunnel at rush hour, hawking copies to commuters.

An addendum to all regular readers: The faerie Puck (see below) has ceased his war on the foster kittens. The solution: Naming one of them "Puck."



Autumn said...

Congratulations Anne, I will stop by B&N later in the week and look for a copy

buddy don said...

me n miz bd will pick us up a copy nex time were in a barnes n noble. cungrats!

Sunny Simmons Steincamp said...

Ok, I have a confession to make, despite our short acquaintance... I *loathe* faeries. So I'm unlikely to go near this magazine. However...

You live in Berkeley Springs??? My family and I drive through there every year - several times - on our way to Four Quarters Farm in Artemas, PA, and we have always ooh'd and aah'd over how cool the town is, and how we wouldn't mind a mini-vacation there! It has such a... well... we've always said a "Pagan" feel, but I'm not sure if that's entirely accurate. Very cool, anyway.

As much as I adore the place we live and would never want to be anywhere else, I *do* envy your proximity to 4QF. You ever get up there?

mab said...

oh I just have to have a copy...I love your blog; I love faeries too! Come by and see my place if you please.


Fabio has something to say said...

I stumbled across your blog on a search for "fabulous blogs" I know why you are considered fabulous! It looks like we have more in common than blogging!