Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Buzzard Worship for Dummies - The Last Word

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored! What do you think of these two ugly buzzards?

If you're just tuning in, we apologize for the formatting issues. Anne had the audacity to try to change her sidebar. Let's just say she ought to stick to goats.

Last word on buzzard worship: The Native Americans of the Northeast Woodlands placed their dead on platforms in trees so that the vultures could eat the corpses. A year or so later, the bones were buried.

If you find me belly-up and you've got a couple of acres free, will you do this for me? I will be eternally grateful. Literally. Eternally.



Arthur said...

Hi again;

I enjoyed the series about Buzzard Worship! Were I use to live, I would venerate the bison – they would migrate through parts of the region. Now I've moved – I'm learning to incorporate the groundhog.

Anne Johnson said...

A worthy animal, indeed. His "day" is precisely linked with Imbolc, the festival for Queen Brighid the Bright, awesome Celtic goddess of home and hearth!

I enjoy your spiritual searching. You go!

Athana said...

Anne, what a worthy looking pair you make! I have to apologize, though. I thought the Gloucester County Buzzard Festival was a story you were entertaining us with. Now I see direct proof of it! You live in an enlightened area of the country.

Anne Johnson said...

It's a real event, they're gonna have an even bigger Buzzard Day next year, and they want me to help plan it. As you can see, I was right at home, and I never met any of these people before.

Scott said...

Hey Anne,Ugly?? You are One BEAUTIFUL Buzzard.
Love YOU