Thursday, March 16, 2006

Important Addendum to Previous Post

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," a faerie faerie friendly site! Invite a faerie into your home today, and you'll never be able to find your reading glasses again!

I don't think I can improve on yesterday's post. Usually when Milk and Cheese (Dairy Products Gone Bad) rear their ugly heads, I have to go back and delete the whole post after sober reflection. This one I think I'll leave as is. And seriously, if you like really sick and nasty humor, Milk and Cheese comics are about as mean as they get. The picture below paints a thousand words, and it does not exaggerate. You can buy Milk and Cheese comics from Slave Labor Graphics. They have a web site.

Faeries are one thing, but if you invite Milk and Cheese into your home, you'd better have lots of booze and cable television. If they don't see Maury Povich, they go on a rampage.

I was serious yesterday when I said that the morons in "God Hates Fags" send their followers to the funerals of fallen Iraq War soldiers. These protesters shout at the families of the victims and loudly thank God for killing the soldier.

No matter how you feel about the Iraq War, this behavior is just rotten to the core. Put yourself in the shoes of those grieving parents and ask yourself if you'd want your child's funeral to turn into an occasion for a hate group to mock you.

A counter-protesting group has formed. It's called the Patriot Guard Riders. This is a bunch of biker dudes who ride to military funerals and create a shield for the grieving families so they won't have to hear any abuse.

The PG web site is very interesting. This week they're having a debate about what to wear on such solemn occasions. Ruled out: black leather Harley vests, do-rags, and cutoffs. If do-rags are worn, they must be removed before the grieving family arrives. The dudes are also unsure whether they should salute or put their hands across their hearts. They're working on it.

Ain't that America?



Athana said...

What's scary is how people so deranged (the God Hates Fags boys) could get so organized. I suppose it's the power of that so-called holy book the christians have been carrying around for a couple of millenia. It's just packed with tons of unholy stuff that good christians ignore, but that the deranged among them can pick up whenever the time is ripe. Like now.

Nick said...

I've actually gone to stand with the bikers in Lincoln Nebraska about a month ago.
Not only do they show up (about five hundred or so), but maybe fifty civilians show up, and after paying respects to the family, some go inside for a service(they only show up if the family invites them) and some go to the curb to stand in front of Fred Phelps (who usually just sends his wife)
The GHF people have to stand across the street cause the churches are private property.

The eleven god hates fags people opposite a couple hundred bikers is a tearful and beautiful site.

Hayden said...

A lotta' Vietnam vets in the Hells Angels.