Thursday, January 26, 2006

See God Love.

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Today's topic: Great Expectations, Dashed

Pope Rat has issued his first encyclical. About time, he's been wearing that fancy expensive crown for almost a year.

The former head of the Holy Inquisition (they call it something more user-friendly now) might have been expected to inveigh against pagans, even to call for a renewal of public burning of witches.

Instead he releases a 76-page document, the jist of which is, "God is love, and we must all start with this kind of love to achieve love in other venues."

Hold the presses. What a novel notion!

He must be attending Methodist sermons.

Oh yeah. The pope encourages Christians to give to the poor and to show mercy to the disabled and the downtrodden.

Gosh, the originality is breathtaking. And it goes on like this for 76 pages.
Where I come from they say charity starts at home. So my advice to Pope Rat is to find himself a humble fishing boat and sell Vatican City and its many treasures to private collectors, giving the largesse gained to the poor and the downtrodden.

Or maybe he should just organize The Mother of All Monte Carlo Nights, taking a clue from the local parish church/school down the street from me. Drink and gamble the night away, assured that you're helping the poor!

Once again the bored gods are wondering how this religion continues its hegemony, given the hypocrisy throughout.

Blood's all I got to give, but hey. Here's my arm.

1 comment:

Athana said...

Sir Rat operates on a full tank of fear. He has enough fear to hand out to anyone who takes him seriously, and then some. That witch burning stuff worked wonders, and filled hundreds of thousands of huge fear tanks hidden out on the Gobi Desert. Lets just hope Rat's not running low on fuel, though, or he might be persuaded to refill his tanks. And that would not be pretty.