Sunday, January 22, 2006

Goats Goats Goats!

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Do you go to church every Sunday because your parents took you when you were a little kid? Well, grow up! You don't still live with them, do you? Get out of that rut and recruit a bored god!

Well, friends, if my husband's plant doesn't close down, he and I are up and running again.

Just before Yule, a former goat client called me. He's not satisfied with Amalgamated Goat, Inc. Misses the personal touch, you know. He asked me to drive to Intercourse, PA to evaluate some nans. (That's what we goat judges call nannies.)

I guess he liked my report, because he wants me to come to Randolph, Vermont this spring and check out his whole herd!

Oh, joy! A job in my chosen field! I'm so excited I can hardly sit still!

My cloven-hooved wonders, I shall soon be among you again!


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Scott said...

Yeah for you Anne, Vermont is a cool place too, so not a shabby place to visit, work or play. Everytime I see a goat I think of you,, yes we do have a few around here...
I am trying to rearrange myself to get more blogging time in,, so, just know I miss talking and hanging out with you,, but I do think of you each day,, I touch my Fairie Ball each day taking the dogs out, it hangs proudly on the eave of my porch to catch the suns rays... And she is a fiery one,, the energy has been elevated here ever since she arrived..... Thanks again,,