Sunday, December 04, 2005

True Story

Today my beloved and I are driving to Maryland to visit a haunted house.

This is absolutely true. I never create fiction on this site.

A psychic is going with us. She invited us. She's been there before, and she says the ghosts are really fierce. She says my beloved and I should steer clear of the basement.

The psychic is a Christian. I think she can feel the ghosts but doesn't know how to handle them. I think she's using the wrong set of protocols. I'll try to help her establish a different paradigm without seeming to interfere.

I've seen ghosts in my time. Reality is far scarier.



At December 04, 2005 , Blogger Athana said...

Set her straight, Anne! A Christian in the presence of ghosts is operating under a severe handicap. Let us know how events transpire.

At December 05, 2005 , Blogger Pacific Druid said...

cool, cool, cool!


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