Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" If you think one is the loneliest number, you've found a home on this page!

Solstice greetings from the many bored gods and goddesses of the Northern Hemisphere!

What's this Christmas stuff? Stonehenge was at least a thousand years old before the Holy Spirit made his little jaunt into the real world.

Today we bring back the light. We celebrate the return of the sun with prayers to Robin, Marion, Orphee and Brighid.

All hail the Gentry of Sidhe, Mother Earth who nourishes us, the Green Man who leads us through the tangled brush, the Lady of the Lake who will guide us to Avalon.

Praise be to Peter Pan and all sprites of eternal youth! (That means you, Dad.)

Praise to the gods and goddesses who walk among us, spreading magic and music. (That means you, Monkey Man.)

Praise to holy Stonehenge, ancient cathedral of mysteries, calendar of the bored gods!

Hark! The herald fairies pun,
Glory to the newborn sun

So might it be.


Thanks to Getty Images for the awesome image.

1 comment:

Scott said...

Did Solstice Ritual ALL DAY, AND NIGHT
The sun is gonna come up tomorrow,, (earlier) and 2 full moons till spring,,, yeah!!!!
Thought of you alot today as I reflected and meditated,, looking at my fairy ball....... you are one awesome goddess!!!!