Thursday, December 22, 2005

Great Ball of Fire!

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" We'll be open until midnight to serve you, now through Xmas eve! We've got a great selection of gods and goddesses still in stock, with more arriving every day! So you procrastinators can still get a great god by SUNday morning!

(Sorry, Brini Maxwell model is sold out.)

Gosh, I feel like I need a bullet list to cover all the stuff in this posting!

1. Yesterday I got taken to task by Thor, Freyda, and Wodin for not mentioning them by name as bored gods of the dark months. Sorry, Viking gods, but I am prejudiced against your praise and worship teams who raped and pillaged their way through the British Isles and left those fair-haired, blue-eyed, restless genes behind. So you won't get much press here, ever. Live with it.

2. Victory for Jesus! A federal judge, appointed by our sitting president, delivered a stinging rebuke of Intelligent Design, intended to be precedent-setting! There will be no more talk about how God made the panda's thumb in science class! So how's that a victory for Jesus? Hey, you've gotta have FAITH. And that does not require scientific evidence to back it up. Nor does it require that you use every tactic to transmit it to other people, who may or may not need it.

3. Big fat OOOOOPS from Senator Rick Santorum, junior of Pennsylvania, who steadfastly supported Intelligent Design in biology class ... until this week. Oh well, men are allowed to change their minds, aren't they? Shows flexibility of thinking. Or perhaps the ability to read opinion polls.

4. Victory again for Sedna and Negafook, awesome goddess and god of the Arctic! Even dirty tricks of the most indecent, underhanded sort won't scurry through and open the seismically-sensitive Alaskan wilderness to oil drilling! Many thanks to the ever-awesome senior senator from West (By Gawdess) Virginia for his hand in killing the Arctic drilling rider on the defense budget bill! Robert Byrd Rocks!

5. Amidst bright Yule candles, my dear little tween, The Spare, who's been much put-upon lately by mean girls, arrived at home with two new friends and blasted the house into a whirl of great karma with giggles and goodness!

6. Yuletide carols being sung by a choir? Not. This family gathered for a viewing of the latest episode of The Brini Maxwell Show (Style Network), in which the lovely and talented hostess made crafts and goodies and interior decorations based on the Seven Deadly Sins. Priceless.

7. While adjusting the TiVo to get Brini, who pops up on the screen but the Fighting Wombat mascot leading the Stepford Halloween Parade! Yes, dear readers, on Yule I was a t.v. star. You never know what you're going to see on public access, eh?

Nowhere to go from here but into the light of a brand new day.


Photo credit: Brini Maxwell. San Antonio Star.


Athana said...

My hearty congratulations to Spare!

Scott said...

You can say Santorum on this blog?? Is nothing sacred here!! lol
Senator Byrd does Rock,, my mum is from West By Goddess Virginia and wez damn proud of him.
Sedna and Negafook can smile on us a while longer!!
Young Ladies Giggles do a house's aura good. sorta like a house cleaning???

Anne Johnson said...

Scotty, I'm just getting started on Rick Santorum. It's an election year, and he's a big, fat bull's eye.