Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where we greet you on this Holy Evening with a portrait of Queen Brighid the Bright. Oh, let her make a comeback! Let her find the seekers of light and truth, the defenders of hearth and home, the children of Avalon!

We are here, Queen Brighid! We are your merlins. You are our magic.

This fabulous portrait of the goddess was channeled by the artist Brian Froud. We at "The Gods Are Bored" feel emboldened to attach it to important posts because we have enriched Mr. Froud by purchasing all his books, and - more importantly - by purchasing a large signed print of the work of art above (at no small expense) and making it the centerpiece of our home altar.

Tonight we welcome the presence of our departed loved ones back into our midst. The veil is thin, the sky is clear. Some choice firewood remains for a bonfire.

Samhain beckons.




ursa said...

Happy new year Anne,an iridescent post, may her sacred flame light the way.
Sometime back, on Athanas blog you made a comment about the intelligence of ancient people and that we may be losing that today.I would be interested to know more about your thoughts on this if such a post should lend itself to you.

Scott said...

Beautiful Picture, and all weekend Brighid has been at the forefront of my mind,, I need her so much right now, I can't wait to start the New Year,,, with hope that it will be Brighter than the last, Here I sit, alone, but for Brighid, I have not much hope,,, thanks for the uplift, and the E-card touched me very very much.... thanks

Anne Johnson said...

For Ursa:

The only useful course I took in high school was typing, so I will no doubt blather on and on about everything. I'll try to put the Ancient Ones on my calendar, but I need to get my books back into my office first.

Stonehenge is a good place to start when we look at what we accomplish as a society.

Anne Johnson said...

Scott, if you have Queen Brighid the Bright, she is a bored goddess, waiting for prayers. She will work for you! And I don't know Saint Fox, but damn. He is rocking on at warp speed for me. Next thing you know he's going to find an agent for my novel!