Saturday, October 22, 2005

Church Supper Surprise

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" We hope you enjoy your stay. Remember, soil that is used over and over again to plant eventually loses all its nutrients. You need to move on and find a whole new patch. So it is with gods. Is yours old and tired? Overworked? Low on nutrients, or worse -- over-fertilized by ignorant, chemical-dependent dunderheads? The bored gods are veritable compost piles of richness! Try one today!

Today's suggestion comes from Raevyn, and I wish I had the computer savvy to link her blog to mine. One of these days I'm going to get over my fixation with goats and learn how to use this machine.

Raevyn suggests we go to our 23rd blog and choose the 5th line and republish it. HEAVY HEAVY magic, there! The number 23 is the most powerful of all (its digits add up to 5). If you haven't noticed how often that number comes up in your life, you will now!

Michael Jordan noticed.

Anyway, the 5th line of my 23rd blog was:

"In her first address, Altheia XVI noted that she is conservative on issues of faith."

The blog is about the new Pagan popess, elected by a conclave of women in cloaks from thrift stores.

So you see, if you're just joining us, the tone of this blog is well established and will not change.

Anne's whole philosophy is just this: Life sucks, so laugh about it. Be a fairy while you're alive, so you'll be a better one when you get to Avalon!

By the way, my daughter The Heir loves thrift shops. Today she added to her collection of gross cookbooks of the past with nauseating recipes and scary pictures.

We have been laughing for hours over this new cookbook. One of the pictured recipes is Hot Dog Loaf. Literally what looks like a pound cake with whole hot dogs buried in it.

Try that one out for your next Methodist Church potluck supper! You're sure to win friends and influence people!

PS - If anyone wants the recipe for Hot Dog Loaf, leave a comment. And then go get some professional help with your eating issues.



Rae (aka Raevyn) said...

*I* suggested that?!! Cool...

L. Sparrow said...


Thank you!

Peace and blessings!

Lil Sparrow

Scott said...

23 is a BIG number for me, and my 23rd post was about the number 23. Here is my 5th line:

It is a prime number and when A. Crowley wrote about it he said that 23 was the "frequency of the life force at its highest vibration" Robert Anton Wilson, one of my favorite authors on the Arcane wrote that 23 was the supreme number of synchronicity.

Anne Johnson said...

Scott is an awesome, rock-on druid to know the work of Robert Anton Wilson. It was RAW, none other, who started Anne on her righteous path to the bored gods!

Scott can skip all my future posts about the Illuminati.

Scott said...

Scott would never skip over a post intentionally... you are way to good.. I told all the pagans at Fox's memorial service to visit you. and will remind them if they don't

Anne Johnson said...

I think Saint Fox is already a regular. Someone is interceding for me big time.