Thursday, September 01, 2005

Who Designed This Crazy Rock?

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where our hearts are heavy with news from the Deep South. It's not even something we can joke about, and we joke about everything.

I wonder what the Intelligent Design scientists make of this strange tendency of our planet to sucker punch us humans regularly. Seems to me if I was designing a planet for intelligent life, I'd tend to the weather and the plate tectonics first. And look at that. I'm a goat judge, not an Intelligent Designer!

Somewhere in the switch between Father Gods and Mother Goddesses, we humans lost our sense that the world is random and each breath we take is a gift. Instead we feel like we can control everything. That sense of control is particularly strong in America ... err ... Poseidon wants me to call this nation Visigothia.

To recap quickly, I personally feel that tsunamis, hurricanes, and ingrown toenails prove beyond reasonable doubt one of two things:

1. That our Intelligent Designer wasn't.
2. That Intelligent Design isn't.


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