Friday, September 23, 2005

Back in Business

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Do you live in a grim industrial landscape? No? You live on 23 acres of mixed-use woodland and farm fields? Choose your neighbors wisely, because one day that grim industrial landscape is gonna creep up on you like a bad case of shingles.

Let's leave the frozen Arctic alone, eh mates? Don't you think it would be a loss to this planet if awesome gods like Sedna and Negafook packed up their godsleds and went on a celestial Ididerot that ended on some other, more intelligently designed globe?

This next is true. Uncle Foggy said this: "Hey, the world is a place where, if you can't make it as a species, you just go extinct. All these animals that are going extinct, they're meant to go extinct."

Well, you have to forgive him. He's going to be 80 in a few weeks, he's in poor health, and he's a hillbilly. He had to have heard that on the Rush Limbaugh Opiate Hour, it's the only radio station he gets clearly.

The funny thing is, we never think of humans as a species that could go extinct. But take it from the bored gods, if some big meteor could deep-six T. Rex and his buddies, we'll be toast someday too.

On a lighter note, Anne started a new job today: substitute teacher at the Billy Bob Vocational-Agricultural High School. Certified in animal husbandry and academics, no less! Today she did Physical Education and geometry, while watching an ag teacher outside do everything possible to tick off a hot goat.

On behalf of the Four Gentry of Sidhe, Anne thanks you for stopping by. Save the Arctic! It might be collectible in the future.


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