Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Terrapin, Run!

Terrapin Run Development is a fiasco of the first order.

Never mind that. The Allegany County Zoning Board approved it anyway.

Two pristine seasonal streams in Western Maryland will become dumping sites for a sewage treatment plant that has not been built.

The nearest hospital is 31 miles away. Ditto the nearest physician.

Police, fire, and medical emergency response times to that area are predictably slow. It's the mountains, slicker.

The tract of land lies 110 miles west of Washington, DC and 120 miles west of Baltimore. The closest cities with full shopping amenities are Hagerstown, 50 miles away, and Frederick, 75 miles away.

The development would sit on a 2-lane country road. That's 4,000 housing units on a 2-lane country road.

Did I mention that slow police response time? Oh good.

What can my faithful, goddess-centered readers do about Terrapin Run? Nothing. This is the George Bush era, slash and burn.

But let us not forget. It's not nice to fool Mother Nature.


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