Monday, May 04, 2009

Spoutwood Fairy Festival 1: Found a Niche

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," offering beachfront property to deserving deities worldwide! And we know They will take care of it too. Can't imagine Poseidon ordering the construction of a mammoth casino at the surf's edge, can you?

I am just back from the Spoutwood Fairy Festival, which I attended over the weekend with my daughter The Spare and my dragon, Big Red. The three of us had enough adventures to fill a bevvy of posts, so ride along while I reminisce!

About two months ago, Bibi, longtime leader of the Mountain Tribe at the festival, decided she wanted to step down. She was searching for anyone willing to take over the tribe. I guess I slept on it, but it didn't take me long to decide I'd love to do it.

I have learned this about life. Sometimes when you dread something, it turns out to be even worse than your anxieties warned you it would be. But the flip side of that is, sometimes your high anticipations of a task are exceeded by the joy of performing the task.

Thus it was with Anne, Spare, and Big Red. All three of us absolutely reveled in the leadership of Mountain Tribe.

You would never guess this if you read this blog, but I'm an extraordinarily outgoing person with a show-offy streak and a flair for the dramatic. The Spare shares these traits. Big Red did too, but he added an affinity for little kids. We were a potent trio.

On Saturday, when our Mountain Tribe entered the festival field, we had:
1. Dragon, Big Red
2. Four princesses (Spare being prominent)
3. A magician
4. A ferret (lovingly transported by its owner)
5. A Herald -- none other than my sister, who is slowly becoming infected with the big, broad, flexible outlook!

We also had gorgously dressed-up fairy folk, cute dudes by the handfuls (Spare's work again), a boatload of festival-goers who love the mountains and just wanted to make noise, and plenty of tribespeople who recalled their loyalty to Bibi. And we had Bibi, leader emerita, as always the most fantastic faerie fan in the throng!

It has been years and years since I climbed on a stage and held a microphone and led anybody to do anything. Usually when I'm on a stage, it's in a big old buzzard costume. But by golly, I had the moxy to lead the Mountain Tribe! Can you believe it? Little old me?

I wouldn't venture a guess as to how the faeries felt about my performance, but I tried to channel the faerie attainment of eternal youth. I think it worked.

And blessed be, it was fantastic to meet some readers of "The Gods Are Bored!"

Over the next few days I'll be writing about various topics related to the festival, its sacred aspects, its whimsy, and its joys. I also need to introduce you to Big Red. Whew. Fingers, hit those keys!

PS - If you greeted me at the festival, please leave a comment! I want to thank you again.


Maebius said...

Glad to meet you face-to-face, and next year I'll make extra sure to find the Tribe ~before~ the actual ceremony. Oops! /blush
I did hear you were awesome though, and "Deck the Halls" will never be the same in my mind.
I'm working on my own blog post, and can't wait to hear your other perceptions, and hope Big Red's tail was not harmed too much by soggy weather. :)


Nettle said...

I too was sorry to miss "Deck the Halls," but it was nice to see you marching up over the hill, all painted up, waving Big Red in the air, leading a huge and frolicking tribe through the grounds - and I got to nudge Maebius and say, "There! That's my friend Anne!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne (and Spare)

It's good to finally meet up. I had a ton of fun on Sunday at the tribal shot out!


Sarita said...

Now I really wish I could've gone. Ah well.

I can't wait to hear more about the festival, and especially Big Red. :D

dawtch said...

I never get to have any fun *pout*
Oh well, sounds like you had enough for both of us! Thanks!

yellowdog granny said...

you come to westfest one year and i'll come to the sounds like so much fun.

buddydon said...

these lines here gut a laff frum me: "You would never guess this if you read this blog, but I'm an extraordinarily outgoing person with a show-offy streak and a flair for the dramatic."