Thursday, May 14, 2009

One Tiny Faerie Blows Down a Door

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," fair to faeries and kind to minds since 2005! My how times fly when you're halving sums!

Perhaps three of my four readers go back so far with "The Gods Are Bored" that they know about my sister and her happy Pentacostal church. Sis became a deeply religious Christian after getting a job at a Christian radio station. Before she got the job, she was your average joe religion-wise, and very, very funny. But listening to that music, and those talk shows, day after day after day started to alter her view of the world. It was like a willful brainwashing. Even after she was encouraged to quit her job because she got married, and married women weren't supposed to work outside the home, she carried this faith with her like a hiking staff that propped her up.

It's still possible to hear Focus on the Family as a murmuring undercurrent in Sis's house. But now it's the murmuring undercurrent, not the crashing waterfall.

What's happened? My sister found a faerie left behind in a dresser drawer. One little glo-in-the-dark faerie, the kind you might get for a quarter from a gumball machine.

Sis's house is now full of faeries. Faerie houses. Faerie statues. Faerie books. And yesterday, Sis spent the entire day building a faerie hostel in her backyard. She neglected her housework to do it!

Readers, this is huge. Not too long ago, my sister would neglect her health before she let her house get messy.

Last night she called me to tell me all about building the outdoor faerie hostel. She never sounded happier. And she said, "You know, when the door of imagination blows open, a lovely wind just strikes everything."

It's my experience that people who step through the "door of imagination" never feel satisfied by simple answers anymore. The rosy glow of multiple possibilities begins to seep in.

Thus it has been for my sister, and I needn't tell you that our relationship has done a 180. I love this new person I see. It's like she's been toting around a rock on her back and has shifted it and stood upright for the first time in 20 years.

She is planning to build a faerie habitat on the grounds of her church. Does anyone else feel that a circle might be closing that was first set in motion 1600 years ago?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." You and your little plastic fairy inadvertently sparked a revolution. I love this story! And the best part is that you and your sister are close again (or at least, getting closer now that you have fairies as a common interest).

-Pam said...


It seems like Sis has gone from baby steps to a toddler sprint!

I am so happy for you and her.


Paul said...

This is so beautiful. The one thing we all need is to have our imaginations opened to mystery and magic. It is the greatest gift that can be given to a human being. We are above all creatures of the imagination.

Anonymous said...

Whoever "they" are, they choose us and we don't choose them. This is a true blesings

Anonymous said...

Whoever "they" are, they choose us and we don't choose them. This is a true blesings

Lavanah said...

Hooray for the faeries, for you, and for your sister! This is just lovely!

yellowdoggranny said...

this is good news...
i remember your writing about your religious sister and the finding of the fairy...the goddess works in mysterious ways.

mjd said...

Just as you leave subversive dinosaurs in the park, and just as you left a subversive faerie at your sister's house, maybe one day she will squirrel a little faerie away at her church. Who knows what might happen?

Aquila ka Hecate said...

Does anyone else feel that a circle might be closing that was first set in motion 1600 years ago?Yes. Only it's more like a turn of the Spiral.

Terri in Joburg

Mama Kelly of 2 Witches Blog said...

I too remember the beginnings of this tale and have enjoyed watching your sisters blossoming as you share each installment.

The faeries are, I'm sure, very very happy to have found another to so happily be on their side.

Unknown said...

This is so cute!

Ironically, I have been trying to manifest a fairy toy (I need practice in manifesting) and sort of thought this kind of thing would happen to me, but no such luck so far.

dawtch said...

I stole, erm...borrowed, your sister's quote for Facebook...I linked back here tho :)