Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pagan Values Month

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where we make a dollar holler and a dime sublime! We're always searching out the best values here. Hey, you can't be both rich and good-looking, can you?

Almost everything the Pagan community does in this country is done informally. And so it is in a very informal way that some bloggers have designated June to be "Pagan Values Month." In which we're supposed to talk about the deep philosophical underpinnings of our behavior, and how Paganism shapes that.

Except, ahem. Very little deep thinking goes on at this site. As you know if you visit from time to time.

We don't want to be left behind though!

Oh wait. Yes we do want to be Left Behind. Just number us among the meek who will inherit the Earth. Tweak a cheek, it's great to be meek!

In the interest of being participatory, we at "The Gods Are Bored" will address the issue of Pagan values in the upcoming month of June. Specifically, we are going to take a tour of the Bored God Thrift Store and see if we can find some deities that are good bargains, worth our praise and worship, and totally overlooked!

If you think this is a waste of time, let me just tell you that I asked the bored Goddess Cloaca to guard a pretty little dry run stream in Allegany County, Maryland. And by golly, she's been so happy for the work that nary a stone of that stream has been pushed by the bulldozers that were supposed to route it into a reservoir!

So join us as we look for the best deity at the lowest price.

Halve a grate day,


THE Michael said...

Then there are deities like Thor, NOT our favorite God right now, what with all this OVER THE FRIGGIN TOP rain and thunderstorms we are being plagued with here in Florida. This dude is ANYTHING but BORED!

yellowdog granny said...

I just wish that Christians were more tolerant of pagans than we are of them...If I get one more God loves you and send this to 8 people or you'll have bad luck for 8 days...sigh*

kim said...

yellowdog granny -- If any of those are actually worth sending on, I delete all the threats. It's curiously satisfying to take the creepy stuff out.

Anne -- If, when the Rapture comes, ALL of the Fundamentalists, of all religions, were to waft away from Earth, well, maybe we would finally have some Peace on Earth! I look forward to it.