Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Ongoing Magic of Grizzabella the Faerie

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," partying with pantheons too often ignored! Some deities are busy, others need work. So pray for the bored gods. Throw them some perks!

My sister has always loved teeny tiny things. I did too when I was little. We had a whole village of trolls and Rat Finks and little rubber eraser animals and space aliens, the kind of stuff you got from a gumball machine for a nickel, back in the day. The difference between Sis and me is that Sis kept all her stuff. Mine got lost or tossed.

It's starting to make sense to me that leaving a teeny tiny gumball machine faerie at Sis's house, hidden in a drawer, was just the thing to do. Not that I am attributing any special powers to this particular faerie (named Grizzabella). Its just that her size and appearance has helped her blend into my sister's menagerie. And take control, in that Only Faerie way.

Here she is, teaching my sister's Rat Finks to do the Electric Slide. It was New Year's Eve, Sis tells me, and the Finks got a little too much gasoline in their britches or something.

What's interesting about Grizzabella is that she spent almost a year hidden in a dark drawer, and when she was discovered, she liberated all the other old teeny tiny toys from their dark storage as well. Sis hasn't messed with the Rat Finks and the rubber animals for decades. All of a sudden, she's going to be mounting an art exhibit of the photos she's taking of them!

Kind of makes me wish that faeries would put their talents to serious use. We'd have world peace, instead of Rat Finks doing the Electric Slide.

Some folks might say this means that faeries are not serious spiritual beings. Well, ahem. How come all those serious angels haven't gotten the World Peace thing done, then? My guess is, when kick-turn comes to shimmy, angels are just as flippant as the fae.


sageweb said...

I love that your sister is having fun with Grizzabella. How cool that Grizzabella is having fun with her.

Maebius said...

My personal thing is that similar entities exist across multiple pantheons as archetypal icons.
We pagan-minded folk call the winged tricksters of Magic[k] the Faerie.
The folks constrained to a more catholic framework call them angels, and notice the particularly somber workings more than we notice their Trickstery.
But, I may be wrong here. :)

Pom said...

I have to admit that since the FSM hasn't been mentioned for awhile the stories of Grizzabella have become my new favorites. Makes me feel like I should sit cross-legged on the floor for the adventures of Grizzabella and the Rat Finks!

It's a much needed smile today - Thank you for the timing.

Morning Angel said...

"Kind of makes me wish that faeries would put their talents to serious use. We'd have world peace, instead of Rat Finks doing the Electric Slide."

But isn't that exactly what she's doing, serious stuff? Imagine if everyone spent their time arranging the Electric Slide among Rat Finks. There would, indeed, be world peace!

yellowdog granny said...

I would rather see the Jews and Palistanians do the electric slide than bombing each they may be on to something..i loved this post...

Goat Yoda said...

Rat Finks. Where'd you get Rat Finks? I want some!

Anne Johnson said...

Ebay! Also there's a website called Mooneyes. My sister kept hers from back in the day -- they're worth a lot of money now.